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d#BGDAD#1=99il manque la guitare (ce sera pour la prochaine)44234533263554784356021233291102341035541112435602123321311023414I was born in the land of the sun355415and the tall green grass43567162123391718And I don't…3554…understand how all this19has come to pass43567202123392111023422How we've come to surround ourselves355423 in a sea of thieves43567242123392511023426In a land without learning4356727only the fools believe.2123392835542930435602123323111023432I went driving last night355433on a dark canyon road,43567342123393536Had the sky to myself355437but I wasn't alone,43567382123393911023440Had the pain of my…3554…lifetime41for my company.43567422123394311023444How did it end up like this4356745for you and me?21233946433554474338541048When love breaks the promise4356749the heart has to keep,2330121233250It leaves only truth here to find.43567513355452When the spirit is crushed4356753and the hurt is so deep,2330121233254Between you and I.43567554356756 Even when2333157love has come and…212332…gone58 And our3355459hearts have moved along,6575660 I will4356761remember.21233262 There was a2333163time we had the…212332…trust,64 And that3355465always was enough.6575666 I will4356767remember21233268 I will4356769remember21233270you35547172435602123327311023474As I open my eyes355475to one more day,43567762123397778The wind burns my face355479as it whispers your name,43567802123398111023482As it's pulling me forward,355483it tears me free,43567842123398511023486And the only thing…43567…left is the tears87for you and me.21233988433554894338541090'Cause when love breaks the promise 4356791the heart has to keep,2330121233292It leaves only truth4356793here to find,3355494When the spirit is crushed4356795and hurt is so deep,2330121233296Between you and I.43567974356798 Even when2333199love has come and gone,212332100 And our33554101 hearts have moved along.65756102 I will43567103remember212332104 There was a23331105time we had the trust,212332106 And that 33554107always was enough.65756108 I will43567109remember212332110 Even when23331111love has come and gone,212332112And our33554113 hearts have moved along.65756114 I will43567115remember212332116 There was23331117a time we had the trust,212332118 And that33554119always was enough.65756120 I will43567121remember212332122 I will43567123remember212332124you355412512643560212332127110234128355412913043560212332131110234132355413313443560212332135110234136355413713843560212332139110234140141142143144145146147
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