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eBGDAE1=93442Intro34567891011VerseKeeping up777appearances710771213Keeping up777with the Jones'7710771415Fooling my selfish heart7771012121617Going through the motions777107718But I'm…77…fooling 19Pre-Chorus14myself1212920I'm fooling72117myself151622141514151415161623ChorusCause you say you love me1412122410And then you do it again1212121212122512You do it again1212121226You say your sorry's12271412122810And then you do it again12121212121229You do it again12121212123031VerseEverybody thinks you're well777710773233Everybody thinks I'm ill777710773435Watching me fall apart7771012123637Falling under your spell777107738But you're…77…fooling yourself39Pre-Chorus141212940Your fooling yourself74117151642141514151415161643ChorusCause you say you love me1412124410And then you do it again12121212121245You do it again121212121246You say your sorry's12471412124810And then you do it again12121212121249You do it again and again and again…1212121212…and again501212121212and again12121251Solo12125253Uh354Uh05556Uh357Uh0587759Pre-ChorusBut you're fooling yourself141212960761You're fooling yourself17151662141514151415161663ChorusCause you say you love me1412126410And then you do it again12121212121265You do it again1212121212661267You say your sorry's1412126810Then you do it again12121212121269You do it again1212121212701271ChorusYou say you love me1412127210And then you do it again12121212121273You do it again1212121212741275You say your sorry's1417167615And then you do it again16161617171677You do it again and again and again…1616171716…and again 781616161616and again16161679End1516808182838485868788
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