eBGDAE1Rap Intro=70442345678910111213141516171819=14520Main Intro Riff=1452122232425262728Verse 12930313233343536373839404142434445Chorus46Close your eyes.1214144748See the world.141394950Say good-bye.121414515253Interlude54555657Verse 25859606162636465La - la - la.97666La - la - la.97667La - la - la.97668La - la - la.97669La - la - la.97670La - la - la.97671La - la - la.976727374Chorus75Close your eyes.1214147677See the world.141397879Say good-bye.121414808182Solo838485868788899091Breakdown9293Hold me tight.912129495It's alright.121179697Let me go.912129899100Chorus101Close your eyes.121414102103See the world.14139104105Say good-bye.121414106107108Chorus (Harmony) Hold me tight. It's alright.=1459131491314109Close your eyes. See the world.=1459131491314110 Don't be scared. Wipe your tears.=1459131491314111 Take your stand. Be yourself. =1459131491314112 This is it. It's our time.=1459131491314113 Go have fun. Scream it out.=1459131491314114 I don't care. You don't care.=1459131491314115 We don't care. It's just life.=1459131491314116Main Outro Riff117118119120121122123124125126