eBGDAE1Drums Enter=98442345678910111213Intro14151617181920I need to22421Verse 1be myself24222I can't be22423no-one else22224I'm feel4full -225in' supersonic42422Give226me gin 'n' tonic4242227You can have it all but how2424224full28much do you want it?42422You229make me laugh24230Gimme your22431autograph24232Can I ride24233with you in your B.2224234M. W.4242You can2435sail with me in my yell22224 -236ow submarine, You need to424222237Bridge 1find out4full438No-one's gonna tell you what I'm4242424239on about24240You need to22241find a way for what2442442you wanna say242443but before22144tomorrow242'Cause245Chorus 1my friend said he'd take2552446you home52He247sits in the corner all22522448alone2449He lives under a wa25222450-terfall5251Nobody can see him424242No -452body can ever hear him242424253Guitar Solocall4No454-body can ever hear him242424255call4565758596061626364You need to22465Verse 2be yourself24266You can't be22467no-one else22268I know4full269a girl called Elsa42422She's470into Alka-Seltzer242422She471sniffs it through a cane on a su24242224full72-personic train4242She273makes me laugh24274I've got her22475autograph24276She done4277it with a doctor on424224full78a helicopter42422She's479sniffin' in a tissue, sell242422280-in' the Big Issue, When she424222281Bridge 2finds out4full482No-one's gonna tell her what I'm4242424283on about24284You need to22285find a way for what2442486you wanna say242487but before22188tomorrow242'Cause289Chorus 2my friend said he'd take2522590you home32He291sits in the corner all22522492alone2493He lives under a wa25222 -494terfall5295Nobody can see him424242No -496body can ever hear him242424297Outrocall4No498-body can ever hear him242424299call4100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128