eBGDAECapo 3rd fret1=90000031133442Working all day at a job that doesn't pay1111213111300031133412121202225We'll get home someday01341234126Just not today001212127We'll get home someday01341234128Just not today00121212900003113310Working all day at a job that doesn't pay1111213111110003113312121212022213We'll get home someday013412341214Just not today0012121215We'll get home someday013412341216Just not today0012121217What do you do when there's nothing worth doing?11112131111180200019Guess there's still hope (I guess so)0203302020I said maybe302021I said maybe3020full22Guess there's still hope (I guess so)0203302023I said maybe302024I said maybe3020full2500003113326What do you say when there's nothing worth saying?11112131111270003113328121212022229We'll get home someday013412341230Just not today0012121231We'll get home someday013412341232Just not today001212123300003113334Working all day at a job that doesn't pay1111213111350003113336121212022237We'll get home someday013412341238Just not today0012121239We'll get home someday013412341240Just not today0012121241What do you do when there's nothing worth doing?11112131111420200043Guess there's still hope (I guess so)0203302044I said maybe302045I said maybe3020full46Guess there's still hope (I guess so)0203302047I said maybe302048I said maybe3020full49There's nothing worth saying13111150There's nothing worth saying13111151There's nothing worth saying13111152There's nothing worth saying130000535455565758596061