eBGDAE1Guitar melody=1204423456789Riff1011121314151617VerseYou knock me out 3535you're like a well oiled Smith & Wesson3531855351192Hot 'n' ready, ready to use553355203355335521Dressed to the nines, 3535you know you don't look 15, there's no quoestion3532255351232Hot 'n' ready, ready to use5533552433553355I'm comin' through35325Verse 2526I've got to get to you babe353275535228I'm comin' through353295830I've got to get to you babe3533155352322433VerseDon't need I.D. and there's 35353534434no house detective to crowd you55351352hot 'n' ready ready to use553355363355335537Slip in the back door and 353535338slip out of what ever you're into553513925533554033553355I'm comin' through35341Verse 2542I've got to get to you babe353435535244I'm comin' through353455846I've got to get to you babe3534755352482449Guitar melody445051525354555657Solo585960616263646566676869707172I'm comin' through35373Verse 2574I've got to get to you babe353755535276I'm comin' through353775878I've got to get to you babe3537955352802481Riff448283848586878889Ending solos90919293949596979899100101102103104Change tuning (R)