Standard (EADGBE)

Great moments they pass by

If you're careless

Desperately trying to speak the words

I've been wanting to say for a long time.

Tongue tied, every time I try to talk to you

In time, I'll find the right line.

Caught a glimpse of you

I tremble every time you walk by

Hopelessly trying to find a way

To be near you, to get near you.

In my mind, plays thoughts of you all the time

I'll find the right line...

I'll bleed for you

Like a new tattoo

In my heart

You'll stay permanent...

Am I too late now?

Will I find a way to get to you somehow?

She's breaking me down again

She's breaking me down.

She's breaking me down again

If you want an easier version (Less Barre Chords). Bring your guitar 1 tune down (If you

want the album version tune, otherwise standard would do fine) then play every chord here

one tune up. Verse would go G Dm Bm C and prechorus would go Am C. Mas madali diba?