eBGDAE1bass intro=155442345section 16789101112131415161718192021vocalFreed of empty faces1010862281023Give me your money8862410825Make my life sunny for a day868626101081027632829Road that leads to nowhere1010863081031Please stop your cryin'8863210833I ain't fit for dyin' this way8686349881035633637Section 2Go steal another with your eye8563886563984041Go try some other heartless lie85642865643684445Section 1Land of hopeless speaking1010864681047Bring back the moon8864810849Don't play your silly games to me86865010108105163525313Ooh war of wasted daydream1510865481055What is your need8865610857I'm gonna bleed untill you kill me868658101081059636061You've lost all sign of your direction8566286566386465You're only looking for a next one85666865667868A next one to kill86869107071727374757677solo78798081828384858687888990919293Ashes of destruction1513151394151595Spread out so far1815139615131597Blackened otherss cryin' over me1513151398151310998118100101See a one time city15131515102181315103Now just a scar1013101041315105Tears of the flower man fill the sea1513151061513101010763108109Give me a chance to fly away85611086561118112113There's nothing here for me today85611486561158116Today8117 Simon the bulet freak...Simon the bullet freak...10118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132Change tuning (R)