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d#A#F#C#G#D#1=904423456789Verse 1They may talk about you cold when you were434553535510headed for the skies5545511but you were young and bold and, baby, didn't that31414146466312change with a wink of your eye114111113Now noone's talkin' bout those113133014crazy days gone by3303015noone talks about the11333116times you cried434517ChorusOooh111810little101019dreamer8102021Oooh112210little88drea-623mer42425Verse 2And then they went and they voted you01313313126least likely to succeed00003027I had to tell them, baby, you were armed with3141414143128all you need31129Seems noone's talkin' bout those011441430crazy days gone past3113431weren't they amazed when you were343433332really last31333ChorusOooh113410You are the lit -81081035tle dreamer88103637Oooh113810the12little121239dreamer1084041Solo4243444546474849Verse 3They may talk about you cold when you were434553535550headed for the skies5545551but you were young and bold and, baby, didn't that31414146466352change with a wink of your eye114111153Seems noone's talkin' bout those011441454crazy days gone past3113455weren't they amazed when you were343433356really last31357ChorusOooh115810You are the lit -81081059tle dreamer88106061Oooh116210the12little121263dreamer1086465Oooh116610You are the lit -81081067tle dreamer88106869Oooh117010little8871dreamer86472373
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