eBGDAE1C=1314423B6/C45F667C89C Jenny said when she was10B6/C just five years old there was11F6 nothing happenin at12C all1314C Every time she puts on15B6/C the radio - there was16F6 nothing going down at all17C not at18all19C Then one fine morning she puts on a20B6/C New York station - you know she don't21F6 believe what she heard at22C all2324C She started singing to that25B6/C fine fine music - you know her26F6 life was saved by rock and27C roll28C Despite29D all the amputa30F tions you know you could just31G go out and dance to the rock 'n32F roll station - It was al33C34F35C36F37C5385739B6/C9740941F6104210443C5443x45C46F al47C right48F Here she comes now49C151215131450C1315151515131413351C151512151215151213352C15151513151313141353C151515151515151554C131515151515151555C13141515151556C151515151515151557C5585859B6/C8660861F61062F68363C5643xC65C171717151717171566B6/C151515151515151567C Solo57598108981068B6/C8118108975769C (Drums enter) al570B6/C right71C alright72B6/C and it was al73C right74B6/C75C oh yeah, listen to me76B6/C now - and it was al77C right78B6/C79C C'mon now80B6/C81C alright828384it was al85C8687885x89C Outro2020202020902020181918182018193391191719191919191917392191919171917191793C192019201920192094202020201720202020173395192019201920192096202020201720202020173397C1920192019201920982020202017202020201733Change tuning (R)