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eBGDAD1=1201282345678910Mr. Adams...11I regret... to inform you12 that your father has passed1314he asked you join troop.1595 in his place...16Cause of death...17Unknown18Last confirmed location1920"The Rift"21He became mad in his last days.2223Obsessing over many strange occurances in the area...2425I can't tell you why he was there.26Only that he went missing last night.2728We have evidence29of nothing... No body, no foul play, nothing.3031He left only a box saying you to recieve it.3233Inside was a map...34I believe he wanted you to go to his last known location353637My condolences sir, good day...383940414243=1800000056505650448656014541414500000565056504686561115455470000056500000048865601454141490000056505650508656111545551653531310100052Mr. Adams, I must object to your madness. You stole a yacht, raided a store for supplies, and now you are evading the authorities. Such actions only to find that your father is at the bottom of the sea. 000535455565758596061You cannot just go to the rift alone. Going through those seas only ensure you join your father. Safe travels Mr. Adams, although I wish you return soon...626364656667686970000757131530007200000011111111111144444473000757431530007533122033176000757731530007800000011111111111144444479000758031530008133122033182Mr. Adams? Mr. Adams? I sent a team to your last known location. Your phone's signal is moving through an ocean current, and I express concern over your safet-22083848586878889909192000000000000886553333937750000000001010833394886775000000000333958865537750000003396000555444111231639700000000000088655312833398775000000000101083339988677500000000033310088655377500000033101000555444111231631020000000000000000001110001281030000006503104000333111111105000106(Here lies Drake Adams, born to James Adams, last heard of near the Circumpolar Current; assumed lost at sea...)0000000000000000001110001070000006503108111000000000000111000109333111000110111112113114115755375861161088675538675531177777877781187111214111211917161415161516151615171717171111111112120755375861211088675538675531227777877781237111214111212417161415161516151615171717171111111112125755375861261088675538675531277777877781287111214111212919191616161615151515171717171111111112130000
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