d#A#F#C#G#D#1=14544234567891011121314151617181920I021ride222I ride the wind245723to bring the rain542224 a creature of254225love226and I can't be254227tamed228I want2429you230cause I'm gonna take2245731your love from him542232and I'll touch your 254233face234and hot burning254235skin236Don't you2437never ever touch5424738you like I54239do240So look in54541my eyes and learn425742alive the truth5479437544I'm a wild54545child2come and love24546me2I want2447you9748my heart's an ex -544549ile and I need you to touch222525550me cause I want224551what you do42252I'm a wild54553child2come and love24554me2I want2455you9756my heart's an ex -544557ile and I need you to touch222525558me cause I want224559what you do42260I want you20261626364Tell065me266tell me the lies245767you're telling him542268when you're on your254269way270cause I want your 254271love272Cause I427374I'm sure it's kill -245775ing him to find542276that you're up to254277me278when he lets you254279go280Cause I'm2481burning, burning, bur -5424782ning up with542fi -583re284So come turn54585me on and turn425786the place on fire5479877588I'm a wild54589child2come and love24590me2I want2491you9792my heart's an ex -544593ile and I need you to touch222525594me cause I want224595what you do42296I'm a wild54597child2come and love24598me2I want2499you97100my heart's an ex -5445101ile and I need you to touch2225255102me cause I want2245103what you do422104I want you202105106A9107naked99108heat machine I want97597510947your love77110when the moons445111arise we'll feel7757112just what it547113does9114759115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152153154I'm a wild545155child2come and love245156me2I want24157you97158my heart's an ex -5445159ile and I need you to touch2225255160me cause I want2245161what you do422162I'm a wild545163child2come and love245164me2I want24165you97166my heart's an ex -5445167ile and I need you to touch2225255168me cause I want2245169what you do4271709171172I want you757173174175176177178179180181182183184185