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eBGDAE1=1784423 Give it all away! 1114345 Give it all away! 11143678910Verse1Oh hh h42011oh512Pos - si - bil - i - ties.475401314Take you home with575415me in your arms.0242161718Chorus I never Thought000119I'd do that3032021Take me3322all the way31123and124let your body say101302526Verse 2Oh hh h42027oh528Take me by the hand475402930let me be the man 4754031in your arms242323334Chorus I never Thought000135I'd do that3033637Take me3338all the way31139and140let your body say101304142BridgeOh343You're gone7744Oh345You're Gone4746You're Gone4747You're Gone To Stay!4777484950Guitar Solo5152535455565758Chorus I never Thought000159I'd do that3036061Take me3362all the way31163and164let your body say101306566Half-TimeOh367You're gone7768Oh369You're Gone4770You're Gone4771You're Gone To Stay!4777727374OutroOh hh h42075oh.576Oh hh h54277oh.778Oh hh h31079oh.580I381Need you 1082I'll183Bleed you0184Now!3858687
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