eBGDAE1by Phoenics and Unused Material=80442CHORUSWell It's993true that we love one another99999757I love99334Jack White Like A Little Brother752022025678Jack99VERSEgive me some money to pay my bills9975202251011Jack will you call me if you're able?7757575923121314Jack I think you're pulling my leg77777759And I2215think maybe I'd better ask Meg99795222Meg916do you think Jack really loves me?97522202171819Well I2220would but Meg, I really just don't know how999299752212222324Then I7725guess we should just be friends7777592627CHORUSWell It's9928true that we love one another99999757I love993329Jack White Like A Little Brother752022023031323334VERSEIf I7735did that Jack I had one in the oven975222220236Why don't you57537go off and love youself?775759383940Jack it's too bad about the99752241way that you look222542434445CHORUSWell it's true that we love99999946one another9757I love Jack White like a9975203347little brother2202484950515253Applause!