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gDAE1=153442G34G5Bb F Bb F11116G555555557Em777777758Bm7777777593xBm7777777710Verse G We're only mak2nd time - G on E string5555555511Em ing plans for7777777512Bm Nigel7777777513Bm7777777714G We only want5555555515Em what's best for him7777777516Bm7777777517Bm7777777718G We're only mak5555555519Em ing plans for7777777520Bm Nigel7777777521Bm7777777722G Nigel just needs5555555523Em this helping hand7777777524Bm7777777725Bm7777777726Chorus Am7 And if young Ni555555527Am7 gel says he's hap555555528G py - He must be333333329G/F# happy - he must be222222230Em7 happy - He must be7777757531Em7 happy - In his7777757532D work5555555533D-5 D5555555534G5555555535Em7777777536Bm77777777373xBm7777777738Bridge E Nigel is0000000039E not out spoken but he0000000040F likes to speak and he1111111141C loves to be spoken to3333333142G3333333143G6 F#63333222244F6+9 Nigel is hap1111111145Em py in his work7777757546G3333333347G6 F#63333222248F6+9 Nigel is hap1111111149Em py in his work7777757550G33333333513xG6 F#63333222252G5555555553Em7777777554Bm7777777555Bm7777777756G5555555557Em7777777558Bm7777777559Bm7777777760G We're only mak5555555561Em ing plans for7777777562Bm Nigel7777777563Bm7777777764G He has a fu5555555565Em ture in a British7777777566Bm Steel7777777567Bm Steel7777777768Steel69Steel70Steel71Steel - Yeah, Yeah72G But we're only mak3333333373Em ing plans for7777777574Bm Nigel - Ni77777775675Bm gel - Ni7777777776G gel - Ni3333333377Em gel - Ni7777777578Bm gel - Ni777777756794xBm gel - Ni7777777780G gel - Ni3333333381Em gel - Ni7777777582Bm gel - Ni77777775683Bm gel - Ni77777777
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