Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


Dm--Bb x4

Verse 1

I think I'm breaking out

I'm gonna leave you now

Theres nothing for me

here it's all the same

And even though I know

That everything might go

Go downhill from

here I'm not afraid


Way away away

from here I'll be

Way away away

so you can see

How it feels to be

alone and not believe

(Feels to be alone

and not believe)

Feels to be alone

and not believe



Dm--Bb x2

Verse 2

You can't stop me now

You can't hold me down

You can't keep me

here I'm on my way

I've made it this far now

And I'm not burning out

No matter what you

F C/E Bb--

say I'm not afraid

(Repeat Chorus)


Dm--Bb x2


Letting out the

noise inside of me

(Letting out the

noise inside of me)

Every window pane

is shattering

(Every window pane

is shattering)

Cutting up my words

before I speak

(Cutting up my words)

This is how it feels

to not believe



(Repeat Chorus)