Standard (EADGBE)

We go sailing down the calming (do not suffer through the games of chance)

Streams (that play)

Drifting endlessly (always doors to lock)

By the (away your)



To be over (think it over)

We will see (time will heal your fears)

To be over (think it over)


To be over

Balance the thoughts

That release

Within you



precursor to "Childlike soul dreamer")

Childlike soul


One journey

One to seek and see

in every light

do open

(repeat pattern once with instrumental start, then with Patrick's solo)

After all

your soul will still surrender

After all

Don't doubt your part

Be ready to be loved

(repeat X5, then last two chords , )

this is my interpretation only.. as there are so many

nuances, mutations and subtleties.. but that gave me

a working blueprint to come close to playing this

beautiful song. Of course this is not, by any means,

a guaranteed replica of the original sheet music.