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Gently TabGot The Life TabLonely Day TabLonely Day ChordsNever Too Late TabNever Too Late ChordsAnimal I Have Become TabAnimal I Have Become ChordsRe-Entry TabLand Of Confusion (Genesis Cover) TabSlit Wrist Theory TabSurfacing TabSurfacing ChordsMy Own Summer (Shove It) TabBored TabBack to School TabSleepless Again TabHeadup TabWasteland TabWasteland ChordsHalf Life TabWither Away TabBetrayed Me TabDown To My Last TabDown To My Last ChordsOpen Your Eyes TabOpen Your Eyes ChordsPet TabMagdalena TabCrimes TabJudith TabLullaby TabWatch Your Words TabUnder The Robe TabGravity TabGravity ChordsBroken Wings TabBroken Wings ChordsGiving In TabA Stranger TabA Stranger ChordsThinking Of You TabOne Day Remains TabBlue TabBlue ChordsThomas TabThe Package TabAntichrist Superstar TabDisposable Teens TabBefore I Forget TabBefore I Forget ChordsAin't Love Grand TabSuperstar TabSomeone's Standing On My Chest TabTaking The Music Back TabRefuse To Be Denied TabA Song For The Optimists TabYou Eclipsed By Me TabDilated TabWhat Doesn't Die TabWater TabSugarcoat TabShallow Bay TabInfinity TabThicker TabMedicate TabMedicate ChordsBreakdown TabFirefly TabFirefly ChordsSo Cold TabChop Suey! TabChop Suey! ChordsAerials TabAerials ChordsMarmalade TabThe Clincher TabRemedy TabFamiliar Realm TabAre You Ready TabRio Bravo TabNever Die TabThe Red TabThe Red ChordsGrab Thy Hand TabFlesh Into Gear TabVitamin R (Leading Us Along) TabVitamin R (Leading Us Along) ChordsFamily System TabLost In A Contraption TabClosure TabYoung Grow Old TabSend The Pain Below TabComfortable Liar TabGet Some TabDont Fake This TabStricken TabStricken ChordsLoading The Weapon TabTen Thousand Fists TabThe Game TabMushi TabIntoxication TabBloody Cape TabWith Or Without You TabNumb TabKarasu TabLiberate TabShokubeni TabHexagram TabAwaken TabWake TabStep Up TabBound TabOne Weak TabKigan TabTrack 13 TabPrayer TabPink Killer TabBattle-axe Tab304 Goushitsu, Hakushi No Sakura TabThink TabDevour TabDeathblow TabRemember TabDroppin' Plates TabBelieve TabMinerva TabMinerva ChordsGood Morning Beautiful TabKorea TabLove And War TabStreet Carp TabMeaning Of Life TabHindsight TabNow Or Never TabNow Or Never ChordsBreathe TabBringing Me Down TabSchwein No Isu TabDarkness TabDarkness ChordsGyakujou Tannou Keloid Milk TabRise TabTsumi To Batsu TabDown With The Sickness TabMistress TabBYOB TabSchism TabSchism ChordsThe Echo Song TabFirst Born TabThe Gentle Art Of Making Enemies TabBite The Hand That Bleeds TabDescent TabMidlife Crisis TabA Small Victory TabNaked In Front Of The Computer TabMilitant TabLast Cup Of Sorrow TabCaralho Voador TabCaralho Voador ChordsEdge Crusher TabAshes To Ashes TabTake This Bottle TabTake This Bottle ChordsUndercurrent TabCheck Ya TabHome Sick Home TabWe Care A Lot TabWe Care A Lot ChordsEverything's Ruined TabMidnight Cowboy TabDouble X Minus TabRV TabSympathetic Climate Control TabDefault Judgement TabStraight Out Of Line TabGreed TabVampires TabTrippin' TabMistakes TabBad Religion TabBad Religion ChordsKeep Away TabWhatever TabMake Me Believe TabAsleep TabIn The Meantime TabTortura-Vision TabUnsung TabАнтиромантика TabDiscover Me Like Emptiness TabWatch Them Feed TabClassic Girl TabTrue Nature TabAin't No Right TabTrash TabFake TabCounting On Me TabY'all Want A Single TabClown TabWorld Ablaze TabBottled Up Inside TabDaddy TabWord Up TabWord Up ChordsFaget TabDirty TabGood God TabPlay Me TabI'm Hiding TabPredictable TabI'm Done TabHere to Stay TabBlind TabWake Up TabDid My Time TabHating TabOne More Time TabRight Now TabNo One's There TabAlive TabDeep Inside TabWhen Will This End TabSevered TabDziewczyny TabEverything I've Known TabInto The Darkness TabBreak Some Off TabLies TabHere It Comes Again TabHere It Comes Again ChordsSugar TabStink Finger TabRiver Runs Red TabPushing Me Away TabPushing Me Away ChordsThe Propaganda TabCynic TabEasier To Run TabEasier To Run ChordsHead For The Barricade TabGoodbye Tonight TabGoodbye Tonight ChordsGimme The Mic TabI Don't Know TabSome Kind Of Monster TabInvisible Kid TabSilenced Tab(K)now F(orever) TabMegalodon TabSeabeast TabDetermined TabMercy, Severity TabMetal Bucetation TabRain. Sun. Gone. TabImn TabSuffocate TabAll That You Are TabThe Wrist TabCradle TabWake Up TabThe End Of All Things To Come TabSun Doesn't Rise TabThe Dream Is Over TabTrapped In The Wake Of A Dream TabAll Within My Hands Tab(Per) Version Of A Truth TabDeath Blooms TabDeath Blooms ChordsFrantic TabFrantic ChordsForget To Remember TabForget To Remember ChordsPharmaecopia TabProd TabFall Into Sleep TabFall Into Sleep ChordsSkrying TabSweet Amber TabSweet Amber ChordsEverything And Nothing TabUnder My Skin TabDirty Window TabFucking Determined Tab-1 TabNot Falling... TabThe Unnamed Feeling TabThe Unnamed Feeling ChordsThe Patient Mental TabPushing Through TabShadow Of A Man TabInternal Primates Forever TabBefore I Die TabSolve Et Coagula TabDig TabNothing To Gein TabShoot Me Again TabShoot Me Again ChordsHappy TabHappy ChordsPulling The String TabEpisode 29 TabChoices TabWorld So Cold TabWorld So Cold ChordsMy World TabPurify TabTv Radio TabSevered TabA Key To Nothing TabJust TabBorn Again TabA Place In The Dirt TabThe Death Song TabIrresponsible Hate Anthem TabIrresponsible Hate Anthem ChordsTarget Audience TabTarget Audience ChordsGodeatgod TabCruci-Fiction In Space TabDead God TabWrapped In Plastic TabPresident Dead TabBe Quiet And Drive (Far Away) TabEngine No. 9 TabEngine No. 9 ChordsPeople = Shit TabThree Nil TabFor All The Sin TabPatricide TabEther TabHere Come The Butchers TabMe Against Me TabBinge TabThe Great Golden Gate Disaster TabStein's Theme TabBuild Your Cages TabBuild Your Cages ChordsBombshell TabLove Hate Tragedy TabWhat Is Love TabBuried Alive TabConcert TabPudding Time TabFree TabOne-Armed Man (Play On) TabThe Toys Go Winding Down TabAmerican Life TabWildfire TabNein TabSacrilege TabUndead TabFreak On A Leash TabFreak On A Leash ChordsSomebody Someone TabStreamline TabEl Juego TabRien TabNo Mas TabDisconnect TabGood Time Boys TabFeuerrader TabPlastic TabHypnotize TabHypnotize ChordsWait And Bleed TabWait And Bleed ChordsBubbles TabBoom! Tab(Sic) Tab(Sic) ChordsEyeless TabEyeless ChordsNüguns TabNüguns ChordsSpit It Out TabSpit It Out ChordsThe Nameless TabBullet With Your Name TabBroken Bond TabNothing Left TabBeautiful TabWatch Me Drown TabEeyore TabWelcome TabOut Of My Way TabThe Silent Acquiescence Of Millions TabDeadset TabCircle TabCircle ChordsSkin Ticket TabDon't Get Close TabХаос TabSchool's Out TabPrelude 3.0 TabAngel's Son TabAngel's Son ChordsEnemy TabSlipknot (Rare Version) TabLiberate TabTrash TabLife Jacket TabGet This TabScream TabDisasterpiece TabDisasterpiece ChordsTattered And Torn TabDuality TabSuperstar TabThe Blister Exists TabProsthetics TabPurity TabPurity ChordsPraise TabNew Abortion TabOpium Of The People TabTo Divide And Conquer TabThe Heretic Anthem TabChangemaker TabNo Life TabDanger - Keep Away TabLost TabThe Rise And Fall TabRevenga TabJet Pilot TabKill Rock 'n Roll TabKill Rock 'n Roll ChordsForest TabHoly Mountains TabHoly Mountains ChordsI-E-A-I-A-I-O TabNo Rest For The Wicked TabPictures TabInnervision TabOut The Blue...And Inside The Dark TabProphecy TabCigaro TabKnow TabSad Statue TabPrison Song TabPrison Song ChordsViolent Mood Swings TabX TabSuggestions TabSuggestions ChordsUnreal TabHighway Song TabDesert Island TabNew Disease TabNew Disease ChordsChoose TabPeephole TabLost In Hollywood TabLost In Hollywood ChordsPaper Jesus TabA.D.D TabMonster TabOrchids TabMr. Jack TabStoraged TabScience TabRules Of Evidence TabOld School Hollywood TabOld School Hollywood ChordsPsycho TabNeedles TabChic 'N' Stu TabInhale TabRadio/Video TabRadio/Video ChordsYesterday TabRoulette TabRoulette ChordsGet Inside TabDam TabDam ChordsDarts TabSpiders (Unplugged) TabSuite-Pee TabTake It Back TabViolent Pornography TabKill Rock 'n Roll (Live) TabChop Suey! (Live At VMA Latin America) TabFade TabMudshovel TabIdle Hands TabThis Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song TabThetawaves TabStarlit Eyes TabSoldier Side TabSoldier Side ChordsP.L.U.C.K. TabP.L.U.C.K. ChordsNo Hope = No Fear TabBounce TabLegend Of Zelda Tab36 TabMonolith TabTumult TabTake A Number TabI'm Not The One TabI'm Not The One ChordsSuffer TabMetro TabPsychosocial TabPsychosocial ChordsEgo Brain TabEulogy TabStill Frame TabStill Frame ChordsForty Six & 2 TabStinkfist TabThe River TabHooker With A Penis TabDisgracelands TabSober TabHeadstrong TabHeadstrong ChordsPushit TabMy Voodoo Doll TabThe Grudge TabOverrated TabJust Like You TabJust Like You ChordsWake Up TabWake Up ChordsPart Of Me TabDreams Haunting TabOur Love Must Die TabLong Distance TabReflection TabDrown TabLonely, Cryin', Only TabThe Patient TabHome TabPrison Sex TabSweat TabLast One To Heaven's A Loser TabNeed To TabFive TabTime Bomb TabSomeone In London TabToxicity TabToxicity ChordsMake Me Bad TabMake Me Bad ChordsWhat Comes Around TabNo Way TabDead Memories TabDead Memories ChordsMe Inside TabOnly One Tab1996 TabBurning Flag TabCake And Sodomy TabComa Black TabCyclops TabDogma TabDogma ChordsDope Hat TabDope Hat ChordsThe Fall Of Adam TabGet Your Gunn TabIn The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death TabIn The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death ChordsKa - Boom Ka - Boom TabLamb Of God TabLamb Of God ChordsLittle Horn TabThe Love Song TabThe Love Song ChordsMisery Machine TabMister Superstar TabMobscene TabOrgan Grinder TabSlutgarden TabThe Nobodies TabThe Nobodies ChordsValentine's Day TabWormboy TabWar? TabWar? Chords