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Angie TabAngie ChordsLove Of My Life TabLove Of My Life ChordsDon't Cry TabDon't Cry ChordsHoliday TabHoliday ChordsElderly Woman TabHere Without You TabHere Without You ChordsWind Of Change TabWind Of Change ChordsGoing To The Run TabGoing To The Run ChordsTears Of The Dragon TabTears Of The Dragon ChordsMama Said TabMama Said ChordsThis Time TabHole In My Soul TabHole In My Soul ChordsI've Been Waiting For You TabI've Been Waiting For You ChordsCrazy TabCrazy ChordsTake It Like A Woman TabTake It Like A Woman ChordsCan't Stand The Night TabWinter Dreams TabWinter Dreams ChordsAmamos La Vida TabEmerald Eye TabRépondez-Moi TabRépondez-Moi ChordsWonderful Tonight TabWonderful Tonight ChordsLullaby For Lucifer TabIn The Blood TabWarmness On The Soul TabWarmness On The Soul ChordsNo Pain For The Dead TabNo Pain For The Dead ChordsThe Clown Is Dead TabBleeding Heart TabBleeding Heart ChordsAnywhere TabAnywhere ChordsYou Done Lost Your Good Thing Now TabIncomplete TabIncomplete ChordsEternal Flame TabEternal Flame ChordsShe's Gone TabCatherine Howards Fate TabCatherine Howards Fate ChordsKozeli Helyeken TabKozeli Helyeken ChordsТам Высоко TabJolka Jolka Pamiętasz TabJolka Jolka Pamiętasz ChordsVivo Por Ella TabVivo Por Ella ChordsBed Of Roses TabBed Of Roses ChordsAlways TabAlways ChordsDiary TabDiary ChordsRiver Of Tears TabRiver Of Tears ChordsPetite Sirène TabPetite Sirène ChordsYalla TabYalla ChordsAnother Day In Paradise TabAnother Day In Paradise ChordsYou Are So Beautiful TabYou Are So Beautiful ChordsDouble Trouble TabPasazer TabEntre Mis Recuerdos TabKings Garden TabKings Garden ChordsAgainst All Odds TabAgainst All Odds ChordsDisappear TabDisappear ChordsJe Me Souviens, Je Me Rappelle TabJe Me Souviens, Je Me Rappelle ChordsVacant TabHigeki Ha Mabuta Wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu TabWait For Sleep TabWait For Sleep ChordsPour Que Tu M'aimes Encore TabPour Que Tu M'aimes Encore ChordsThe Sound Of The Blade TabSoldier Of Fortune TabSoldier Of Fortune ChordsTake Away My Pain TabTake Away My Pain ChordsBrothers In Arms TabHollow Years TabHollow Years ChordsRequiem TabEvo Zaklecu Se TabEvo Zaklecu Se ChordsNavigate The Seas Of The Sun TabNavigate The Seas Of The Sun ChordsSurrounded TabHotarubi TabМетель TabThe Spirit Carries On TabThe Spirit Carries On ChordsHaunted TabHaunted ChordsLalena TabLalena ChordsWicked Witch TabMore Than Words TabMore Than Words ChordsAll Along TabScarlet Rose TabScarlet Rose ChordsForever TabForever ChordsFor A Trace Of Life TabFor A Trace Of Life ChordsCarrie TabCarrie ChordsShandi TabShandi ChordsBeth TabBeth ChordsHold The Dream TabClose My Eyes Forever TabClose My Eyes Forever ChordsBeloved TabBeloved ChordsAn Excert Of X TabLake Of Tears TabSpecial Thanks TabSilence TabNovember Rain TabNovember Rain ChordsAvalon TabSilent Screams TabLet Her Cry TabLet Her Cry ChordsA Tale That Wasn't Right TabA Tale That Wasn't Right ChordsShe TabQue Je T'aime TabHonestly TabHonestly ChordsAlways Will Be TabAlways Will Be ChordsJust For You TabGlory To The Brave TabGlory To The Brave ChordsThe Fallen One TabThe Fallen One ChordsImperial TabI Believe TabI Believe ChordsIn The Middle Of A Heartbeat TabWicked Game TabWicked Game ChordsGhost Of Freedom TabX-Static Process TabX-Static Process ChordsEulogy TabOpen Arms TabOpen Arms ChordsAngel TabAngel ChordsDon't You Cry TabDon't You Cry ChordsReason To Live TabOne Time TabOne Time ChordsA Sailorman's Hymn TabA Sailorman's Hymn ChordsI Would Stay TabI Would Stay ChordsWhere Did Our Love Go TabWander TabLooking For Love TabTo Blossom Blue TabTxoria Txori TabUntil The Day I Die TabMy December TabMy December ChordsIn Silence TabOczy Szeroko Zamkniete TabForever And Ever TabNights In White Satin TabNights In White Satin ChordsSwords In The Wind TabNothing's Gonna Change My Love For You TabNothing's Gonna Change My Love For You ChordsPromises TabForever One TabI'll Be There TabHeart Of Steel TabHeart Of Steel ChordsAdieu Mon Pays TabMull Of Kintyre TabMull Of Kintyre ChordsNow And Forever TabNow And Forever ChordsNothing Else Matters (S&M) TabThe Rose TabThe Rose ChordsHazard TabHazard ChordsRight Here Waiting TabRight Here Waiting ChordsCourage TabCourage ChordsShine TabShine ChordsLike An Angel TabZor TabWithout You TabWithout You ChordsWhere The Wild Roses Grow TabWhere The Wild Roses Grow ChordsTomorrow Turned Into Yesterday TabThe Flame Still Burns TabCredence TabSecond Love TabSecond Love ChordsMy Little Man TabGoodbye To Romance TabGoodbye To Romance ChordsCrystal Clear TabFuneral Song TabFuneral Song ChordsMistral Gagnant TabWings Of Destiny TabUnchained Melody TabUnchained Melody ChordsMade In Heaven TabMade In Heaven ChordsEn Cloque TabAlbachiara TabAlbachiara ChordsWhite Dove TabWhite Dove ChordsLiving For Tomorrow TabLiving For Tomorrow ChordsSi Amaneciera TabUnderneath Your Clothes TabUnderneath Your Clothes ChordsKiss From A Rose TabKiss From A Rose ChordsLonely Nights TabShe Said TabVamos Fugir TabVamos Fugir ChordsWhen You Came Into My Life TabWhen You Came Into My Life ChordsPainful Silence TabDoes Anyone Know TabDoes Anyone Know ChordsLady Starlight TabLady Starlight ChordsStranger In This Town TabStranger In This Town ChordsShe's Gone TabShe's Gone ChordsFirst Love TabBefore The Winter TabReplica TabReplica ChordsYears Go By TabLast Drop Falls TabLast Drop Falls ChordsTallulah TabTallulah ChordsComing Home Tab2 Become 1 Tab2 Become 1 ChordsViva Forever TabViva Forever ChordsWhen The Night Meets The Day TabZoe Jane TabZoe Jane ChordsDraw Me TabShy TabShy ChordsLet It Out TabLet It Out ChordsEverytime TabEverytime ChordsSomerset Maugham TabThe Wind Beneath My Wings TabSolitude TabStop Loving You TabStop Loving You ChordsI'll Be Over You TabI'll Be Over You ChordsLong Ago And Far Away TabLong Ago And Far Away ChordsPrincess Aurora TabEndless Rain TabEndless Rain ChordsThe Last Song TabLoving The Alien TabLoving The Alien ChordsAfter The Rain TabOnward TabOnward ChordsSay Anything TabThe Idol TabThe Idol ChordsYou Do Something To Me TabYou Do Something To Me ChordsRuchome Piaski TabVan Diemen's Land TabVan Diemen's Land ChordsHold On To My Heart TabHold On To My Heart ChordsEternally TabIn This River TabIn This River ChordsCareless Whisper TabCareless Whisper ChordsBrandos Costumes (Gentle Ways) TabWhat Keeps Me Loving You TabTwo Old Friends TabUnfinished TabUnfinished ChordsVoiceless Screaming TabSailing Ships TabMama I'm Coming Home TabMama I'm Coming Home ChordsDreamer TabDreamer ChordsThe Unforgiven III TabThe Unforgiven III ChordsOld La Tonight TabOld La Tonight ChordsLost TabLost ChordsUnfaithful TabUnfaithful ChordsRun Baby Run TabTake A Bow TabFaithfully TabParisienne Walkways TabRomeo And Juliet TabRomeo And Juliet ChordsAnother Day TabAnother Day ChordsSay Goodnight TabSay Goodnight ChordsI Don't Want To Miss A Thing TabI Don't Want To Miss A Thing ChordsEntra En Mi Vida TabEntra En Mi Vida ChordsLove Will Keep Us Alive TabLove Will Keep Us Alive ChordsDon't Dream It's Over TabDon't Dream It's Over ChordsMessages TabMessages ChordsLejos De Ti TabLejos De Ti ChordsThe Line TabHeal The World TabHeal The World ChordsLanding In London TabLanding In London ChordsSeawinds TabSeawinds ChordsThe King TabDeuces Are Wild TabDeuces Are Wild ChordsBianca's Midnight Lullaby TabSilent Angel TabBroken Heart TabBroken Heart ChordsValley Of The Queens TabValley Of The Queens ChordsWhen I See You Smile TabWhen I See You Smile ChordsRing Of Gold TabWash Me Clean TabLast Goodbye TabLast Goodbye ChordsDirt On The Grave TabDirt On The Grave ChordsBridge To Cross TabSolitude TabGhost Of A Rose TabGhost Of A Rose ChordsLine In The Sand TabSkalds And Shadows TabBlack Chamber TabHarvest Of Sorrow TabHarvest Of Sorrow ChordsA Past And Future Secret TabA Past And Future Secret ChordsThe Eldar TabFiddler On The Green TabLie To Me TabLie To Me ChordsBitter Wine TabBitter Wine ChordsWelcome To Wherever You Are TabWelcome To Wherever You Are ChordsBells Of Freedom TabBells Of Freedom ChordsYou Want To Make A Memory TabYou Want To Make A Memory ChordsThank You For Loving Me TabThank You For Loving Me ChordsThis Ain't A Love Song TabThis Ain't A Love Song ChordsTotal Eclipse Of The Heart TabTotal Eclipse Of The Heart ChordsRain TabRain ChordsBlood Brothers TabSecret Garden Tab(Everything I Do) I Do It For You Tab(Everything I Do) I Do It For You ChordsHave You Ever Really Loved A Woman TabHave You Ever Really Loved A Woman ChordsPlease Forgive Me TabPlease Forgive Me ChordsOne Night Love Affair TabHeaven TabHeaven ChordsMartwe Morze TabMartwe Morze ChordsWhen The Day Turns Into Night TabWhen The Day Turns Into Night ChordsSend Me An Angel TabSend Me An Angel ChordsIt's All Coming Back To Me Now TabIt's All Coming Back To Me Now ChordsAll By Myself TabAll By Myself ChordsA New Day Has Come TabA New Day Has Come ChordsKalbim Bombos TabLover Why TabГлазами И Душой TabГлазами И Душой ChordsOver There TabOver There ChordsBeautiful TabBeautiful ChordsOh Mother TabOh Mother ChordsSistinas TabSistinas ChordsAuctioned TabClearly Quite Absurd TabClearly Quite Absurd ChordsWhen A Blind Man Cries TabWhen A Blind Man Cries ChordsLove Conquers All TabLove Conquers All ChordsAlmost Here TabAlmost Here ChordsDown Where I Am TabForever And Always TabForever And Always ChordsPrisoner Of Your Love TabAs Long As It's Not About Love TabThis Is Your Life TabAin't Afraid To Die TabDawn Over A New World TabDawn Over A New World ChordsStarfire TabStarfire ChordsAnna Lee TabSolitary Shell TabSolitary Shell ChordsThe Silent Man TabThe Silent Man ChordsEl President TabEl President ChordsSen O Victorii TabBehind Those Eyes TabThe City Ignites TabI Need You TabYou See Me Crying TabCarry Me Over TabCarry Me Over ChordsI Will Be TabI Will Be ChordsForever Angel TabForever Angel ChordsDon't Say Goodbye TabM TabDearest TabDrowning TabDrowning ChordsRuski Voz TabRuski Voz ChordsI Never Dreamed TabI Never Dreamed ChordsVillage Dance TabYou Make Me Feel TabYou Make Me Feel ChordsAmanda TabAmanda ChordsComing Around Again TabI'm Ok TabI'm Ok ChordsHurt TabHurt ChordsBlood And Tears TabBlood And Tears ChordsBe Strong TabBe Strong ChordsYou Are My Rock TabZwischen Traum Und Paralyse TabZwischen Traum Und Paralyse ChordsDesert Grave TabDesert Grave ChordsA Last Farewell TabSeawinds TabSeawinds ChordsWasted Time TabWasted Time ChordsLand Of The Miracle TabSave Me TabSave Me ChordsWhen A Hero Cries TabRoses To No One TabRoses To No One ChordsWait For You TabWait For You ChordsSkywards TabSkywards ChordsWither TabWither ChordsOpen Your Heart TabOpen Your Heart ChordsDreamer TabDreamer ChordsTill Dagmar TabI'm Sorry TabDulce Introduccion Al Caos TabUna Storia Sbagliata TabUna Storia Sbagliata ChordsDie Leiche TabDie Leiche ChordsBig Girls Don't Cry TabBig Girls Don't Cry ChordsLand Of Eternity TabI Confide TabMi Vestido Azul TabCoil TabI Want To Know What Love Is TabI Want To Know What Love Is ChordsJe M'ennuie De Chez Moi TabTurn Back Time TabI Am The Arsonist TabThe Silence TabJohnny Boy TabOne Day TabAlways Gonna Love You TabAlways Gonna Love You ChordsCareless Whisper TabCareless Whisper ChordsNatsuoto TabTouché TabTouché ChordsThe Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald TabI've Seen An Angel Cry TabThis I Love TabThis I Love ChordsIn The Morning Tab31-91 TabAll I Have TabImmortal TabWindmill TabWindmill ChordsSomeone's Watching Over Me TabSomeone's Watching Over Me ChordsLast Song TabLast Song ChordsWay Back Into Love TabWay Back Into Love ChordsSomething Wicked: Prophecy TabA Question Of Heaven TabBlessed Are You TabConsequences TabThe Pierced Spirit TabMe Gusta La Soledad TabMe Gusta La Soledad ChordsBlood Is Thicker Than Water TabKiss The Dirt TabKiss The Dirt ChordsComo Estais Amigos TabSlightly Out Of Reach TabPas Toi TabPas Toi ChordsI'd Be Your Weakness TabOnce In Every Lifetime TabOnce In Every Lifetime ChordsMissing You TabMissing You ChordsBefore The Dawn TabBefore The Dawn ChordsDreamer Deceiver TabPrisoner Of Your Eyes TabAnthem TabAnthem ChordsNiewinnosc TabRobak TabTalizman TabA Moment Like This TabJanine TabI Apologize TabI Apologize ChordsMiles Away TabZawsze Tam Gdzie Ty TabZawsze Tam Gdzie Ty ChordsAnemone TabMy Heart Draws A Dream TabMy Heart Draws A Dream ChordsColor Of The Night TabA TabTeflon TabSources To Agonies TabFalling In And Out Of Love TabOvercome TabOvercome ChordsWhat You're Made Of TabWhat You're Made Of ChordsEs Hora De Marchar TabSi Te Vas TabSi Te Vas ChordsLa Rosa De Los Vientos TabLa Rosa De Los Vientos ChordsMaster Of The Wind TabMaster Of The Wind ChordsBlood Brothers TabBlood Brothers ChordsHero TabHero ChordsOne Sweet Day TabBye Bye TabBye Bye ChordsShades On A Casement TabTo One Far Away TabWhen A Man Loves A Woman TabWhen A Man Loves A Woman ChordsItoshii Hito TabItoshii Hito ChordsSorry TabSorry ChordsDon't Go Away Mad TabDon't Go Away Mad ChordsDon't Let Daddy Kiss Me Tab1916 Tab1916 ChordsOne More Fucking Time TabOnly Reminds Me Of You TabOnly Reminds Me Of You ChordsKristy, Are You Doing Okay? TabKristy, Are You Doing Okay? ChordsWhile Your Lips Are Still Red TabWhile Your Lips Are Still Red ChordsEva TabEva ChordsList Do Ojca TabTwilight Innocence TabFix You TabFix You ChordsKaybettik Severken TabThe Years Of Decay TabHere For You TabHere For You ChordsBreathe TabBreathe ChordsNie Placz Ewka TabNiewiele Ci Moge Dac TabObjazdowe Nieme Kino TabNiepokonani TabA Groovy Kind Of Love TabA Groovy Kind Of Love ChordsDear Mr President TabDear Mr President ChordsToo Much Love Will Kill You TabToo Much Love Will Kill You ChordsThese Are The Days Of Our Lives TabThese Are The Days Of Our Lives ChordsIs This The World We Created TabIs This The World We Created ChordsAll This Time TabRainbow Eyes TabRainbow Eyes ChordsSail Away TabSail Away ChordsTalisman TabMorgane De Toi TabMorgane De Toi ChordsTake A Bow TabTake A Bow ChordsFirst Time TabFirst Time ChordsSailing TabSailing ChordsIf Tomorrow Never Comes TabIf Tomorrow Never Comes ChordsSpending My Time TabSpending My Time ChordsIt Must Have Been Love TabIt Must Have Been Love ChordsCrash Boom Bang TabCrash Boom Bang ChordsParte De Mi TabIn Your Shining Eyes TabTruly Madly Deeply TabTruly Madly Deeply ChordsBelieve TabBelieve ChordsSleep TabYour Last Song TabYour Last Song ChordsBelive In Love TabYou And I TabYou And I ChordsDurma TabTears For A Father TabTears For A Father ChordsIf I Was A Blackbird TabThe Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix TabThe Misery TabThe Misery ChordsLetter To Dana TabLetter To Dana ChordsLet Your Fingers Do The Walking TabThrough The Barricades TabThrough The Barricades ChordsTears By The Firelight TabTwo Weeks TabMother Gaia TabLady TabWithout A Trace TabIf I Knew TabIf I Knew ChordsPatience TabPatience ChordsRule The World TabRule The World ChordsCurly Sue TabCurly Sue ChordsYou TabYou ChordsThe Legacy TabMy Love Is Killing Me TabMy Love Is Killing Me ChordsKey To The Universe TabAller Plus Haut TabSrce Nije Kamen Tab99 Tab99 ChordsProfession Of Violence TabCats In The Cradle TabCats In The Cradle ChordsBlue Tatto TabForever Free TabLove Is All Around TabLove Is All Around ChordsBroken Home TabOne Moment In Time TabOne Moment In Time ChordsI Will Always Love You TabI Will Always Love You ChordsGreatest Love Of All TabGreatest Love Of All ChordsBattle Stations TabTears TabTears ChordsForever Love TabTokyo Tab