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Losin' It TabYou Know Who's Seatbelt TabRobert Johnson TabNo Toleration TabThe Last Scene TabNever Fade TabYouth Sound TabLet's Rock With Guitar TabLeave Me Now TabFist TabLet Go TabOn The Way TabSilent Accusation TabSmoke TabEyes Wide Shut TabOutsiders Tab10 Sign You Should Leave TabSuffocate TabDo Or Die TabThe King Is Dead TabNo One TabArian Nation TabBack To Reality TabAll Will Suffer TabStand For Loose TabThe Dying Romance TabSlip TabGreen Light Yellow Light Stop TabThe Skies Where Filled With Fire TabThe Lion War TabTwelfth Stroke Of Midnight TabFirst Blood TabChicagos Finest TabArmageddon TabFrosted Or Not I Don't Care TabMaleviolence TabThrough The Eyes Of The Killer TabWhoop Dat Trick TabRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer TabSaints And Sinners TabIf Being Fake Was An Olypmic Sport TabAn Act Of Sedition TabJumping Ships TabChaos TabUse Once Destroy TabThe Creature TabDeath Is Irreversible TabStand To Loose TabFaith Or Forgiveness TabDestined TabWe're Not Metal Kid We Just Play It TabScared Of The Light TabWedding In Red TabFighting In The Streets TabThank You TabLike A Broken Record TabBurnt Tongues TabBlood Ran Cold TabBlood Stays On The Blade TabNova 6 TabCryomancer TabEverlasting Sleep TabSose TabI Want To Pee Pee On Ur Face TabLast Breath TabTrapped Doors Moving Walls TabOvercome Tab(L)Osing (S)Ensation Of (D)Imensions TabSpill Bilderberg Blood TabKeep Your Mouth Shut TabAs The Blood Spills ChordsThe Final Hour TabMediator TabPretty ChordsNot The Fallen TabIntro+Nova 6 TabTyrants TabA Song About Rice TabPutrification Of The Population TabHuman Waste TabLet Down TabBackbone TabJust Too Late TabSelf Confession TabGo Too Far TabBeen So Long TabYou Don't Know TabNothing Inside TabAllow Me To Breathe TabDon't You See It TabGo Away TabGo Away - Piano Version TabWhatever TabYour Eyes Told Me The Truth TabWraith TabWhat Have You Done TabThe Deviant TabThe Deviant TabHelpless TabI'll Be Okay TabGo Too Far Live Version TabSelf Confession Live TabI'm Not Looking Back TabI'm Not Looking Back TabI'm Not Looking Back TabMixed Up TabChocolate Sexual TabStranger Unknown TabOverdriven TabCornered Everywhere TabTrapped Inside TabRe-Formation TabMy Own Fuckin´ Riff TabCaught Red Handed TabPacing Up And Down TabYou're Wrong TabFalling Through TabVariation In G Major - For Achini TabOut Of Ashes TabThe Love I Lost (Caught By My Undertow) TabEmpty Minds TabLost Not Found TabStill Undefeated TabWithout A Doubdt TabNemesis TabForever You TabMy Life Your Lie TabStone Cold (Fallen Honour) TabIntro (Aod 2012) TabSo You Say (Anonymous) TabI Keep My Head Up High TabDisgust For Your Kind TabPersuasive Oppression TabSyzygy; First Sequence - Eclipse TabSyzygy; First Sequence - Eclipse (Distortion) TabIronic Deviation TabSeventh Wheel TabBack To The Past TabFamine TabAbandoned TabDesperate Lovers TabWar Outside TabSleeping Princess In Devils Castle TabIts Not Just A Party Its A Funeral TabReyna TabCollision Over-Estimate TabSwag Mcfag TabNameless TabUnnamed Song TabAlone TabLast Defence TabInherent Youth TabProtect Ya Chest TabAll Hope Is Dying TabTo Be Bruised And Broken TabTo Awake In Familiarity TabZombies Down TabGlad To Have Sold My Anal Virginity TabIt's Been So Long TabIconoclast TabTo Have Nowhere To Go TabViscous Hatred TabDeath By My Side TabNameless (Melodic Part) TabDead Rat TabDemostrating My Saiya Style TabGhost Pains (Part Iii) TabGhost Pains (Drop E) TabOh! TabThe New Path TabThe Path TabH.C.H.C. TabWalk In The Glow TabAll Hail The Fallen King TabEnemy TabSurvive TabMessenger TabLies TabFascism TabI Tormentor TabDamnation Enslavement TabMisery Cloud TabLhhc TabTeenage Lust TabYou Only Make Us Stronger TabHypocrisy TabA Broken Heart TabAs These Days Die TabEnding Of A Dream TabWeakened Aggression TabHaste The Day TabReciprocal TabWaiting For Dusk TabFraction TabThe Anarchy Within TabReflection Of A Broken Mirror TabThe Foolish One TabCursed TabKokokoko TabSong 3 TabSong 5 TabSamurai Spirit TabAgain And Again TabCounting Worms TabOblivion's Peak TabMy Hero TabBilly No Mates TabSkull King TabWhere Yahweh Doesn't Dwell TabTormented By Eternety TabTormented By Eternety TabPlague Worship TabNia (News In Arizona) TabКукловод Твоей Души TabКукловод TabГнилая Плоть TabNumbskull TabКровавый Четверг TabМой Манифест TabBring The Pain Tab13 TabМессия TabОдержимый TabПотрошитель TabСудная ночь TabПросто сдохни TabСурогат TabЭкзорцизм TabБратство стали TabКриминальная россия TabКругом бронирован TabДелай все сам TabОскал улиц TabРадикальное добро TabЖри злодеев TabЖнец TabЗло отсосет TabМы - закон TabРазъеби своих врагов TabСправедливость или смерть TabBecoming The Nightmare TabЗакрой рот TabWhat The Fuck TabНенавижу вас TabAnything to Numb TabFbfgg TabPerceptions TabDeath Sentence TabWelcame[Furyo State Of Mind] TabMistakes Like Fractures TabAnd Still I Wander South TabPurgatory TabHeavy Lies The Crown TabFrozen TabHeavy Intro TabThe Wicked TabDual 1 TabSigfried TabRiff 2 TabSong 5 TabSong 5 TabR.I.P Tabsong 7 Tabsong 8 TabShort Fused TabInterlude (Anger Issues) TabGod Is Watching TabWe Bring War TabBoomslang TabThe Truest Love TabI'm So Tired Of Sighing Please Lord Let It Be Night TabIn The Wake Ov The Wolf Tabballad TabHere comes the Boom Solo TabSong 9 TabSong 10 TabSong 11 TabSong 12 Tabsong 13 Tabsolo Tabsong 14 TabUntil I Fade In Darkness PreProduction TabPrince Of Ash TabThe Eternal Return To Ruin TabHands Like a Disco TabMetamora TabLive Rock Am Ring TabRiff metal new TabThe Box TabDrums TabSong 15 TabShot in the Hand with a Nail Gun TabDemo Piano TabBallad slow TabThe Legacy Of Shi TabGuided By The Moon TabComa TabDrum Groove TabComing Home Cover TabCrazy Solo TabTrapped In The Grasp Of A Memory TabWicked Pre TabThe Great Tribulation TabRiff 16 TabFrankestein TabFrankestein 2 TabTrue Fear TabGone TabBelleville TabGo Go Gadget Slam TabSuperficial Saviour TabPlacentasaurus TabDirt Nap Atrophy TabPulse Remastered TabНовая жизнь TabCurse Of The Serpent TabSwan Song TabPush Me Under (B TUNING) TabPush Me Under (B TUNING) TabHigh Hopes TabSerpents Chokehold TabNewSong4 TabGive Up TabThe Sleep TabGunsling TabHopeless child TabHorror Struck TabEternity Of Hate TabBoomslang (Drop C#) TabThe Hammer (Drop C#) TabBreak My Heart TabThe Anomaly TabThe Anomaly TabThe Anomaly TabLoveSong TabOutscaler TabPoor Little Me TabForget Your Name TabContorted In The Faille TabContorted In The Faille TabExhibition TabAll I Hate TabHeaven Help Us TabNo Peace For Me Tabstrangled TabSleep Tabskalpell TabJourney Of A Dead Man TabGod Knows TabI Dreamt Of Flying Wolves TabSouth Of One TabTake Me To Hell Breakdown TabTake Me To Hell (Breakdown) Tabvendetta TabХаос Tabfregat Tab.50 TabBlack Lamb TabEvelyn TabAs The World Turns Over TabНасилие в семье TabContempt Of Cop TabAnnihilation Phenomena TabТупик TabФемида TabТочка невозврата TabКто ты такой? TabНаши убеждения TabСамосохранение TabРаботай и сдохни TabWounds don't heal TabMonster TabFeuerzeug TabUnmerciful - Ending Riff TabSong for You Tab