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Clocks (Acoustic) TabClocks (Acoustic) ChordsExit Music (For A Film) TabExit Music (For A Film) ChordsStreet Spirit (Fade Out) TabStreet Spirit (Fade Out) ChordsFake Plastic Trees TabFake Plastic Trees ChordsElderly Woman TabMemory Lane TabDisarm TabDisarm ChordsSuppose TabSuppose ChordsTemporary Peace TabThe Noose TabThe Noose ChordsA Stranger TabA Stranger ChordsThirty-Three TabThirty-Three ChordsAll In The Waiting TabTout A Un Detail Pres TabNeighborhood 2 (Laika) TabNeighborhood 2 (Laika) ChordsEpilogue (Relief) TabShe's Gone TabDear Prudence TabDear Prudence ChordsEnd Of The Beginning TabBlackfield TabBlackfield ChordsSomeone To Say Hi To TabMoonlight Sonata TabIt's You TabIt's You ChordsLife On Mars TabLife On Mars ChordsOn Wings Of Lead TabSweet Song TabSweet Song ChordsSomething To Believe In TabSomething To Believe In ChordsDream Brother TabDream Brother ChordsForever TabForever ChordsLover, You Should've Come Over TabLover, You Should've Come Over ChordsArmy Dreamers TabArmy Dreamers ChordsSpell TabMoge Tylko Patrzec TabJane Doe TabJane Doe ChordsTu Locura TabNocturne in C-Sharp Minor TabLeaving The Body TabO Sole Mio TabIl Ragazzo Della Via Gluck TabTwilight TabTwilight ChordsAutumn Leaves TabAutumn Leaves ChordsFais Moi Une Place TabNo Dejes Que TabNo Dejes Que ChordsWhen The Water Falls TabWhen The Water Falls ChordsJe T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai TabJe T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai ChordsHer Favorite Song TabTo Wish Impossible Things TabTo Wish Impossible Things ChordsFor You TabFor You ChordsVoid TabThrough Her Eyes TabThrough Her Eyes ChordsDisappear TabDisappear ChordsSpace Dye Vest TabWord To The Wise TabForsaken TabThe Mind's Eye TabRiver Man TabRiver Man ChordsHollow Years TabHollow Years ChordsQueen Of Entity TabVeil Of Deception TabThe Traps TabThings Behind the Sun TabSorry But It's Over TabStormblast (Live) TabСпокойная ночь TabBlackout TabBlackout ChordsThe River Flows Frozen TabThe River Flows Frozen ChordsPretty, Pretty TabSolitude TabSolitude ChordsLaughing City TabLaughing City ChordsSomeone New TabSomeone New ChordsNocturnal Strains TabLothlorien TabLothlorien ChordsThere's A Hole In The World Tonight TabAutumn Grey Views TabI'm The Bomb TabThe Will To Death TabThe Will To Death ChordsEverlong (Acoustic) TabEverlong (Acoustic) ChordsDo You Realize TabDo You Realize ChordsAnne TabAnne ChordsScratches TabScratches ChordsSnowbirds And Townies TabRace For The Prize TabRace For The Prize ChordsThe Slaughter TabThe Slaughter ChordsParting of the Ways TabResurrection TabSong To Sing When I'm Lonely TabSong To Sing When I'm Lonely ChordsLeaves TabBees And Butterflies TabSomewhere Over The Rainbow TabSomewhere Over The Rainbow ChordsLibar Od Mojega Duga TabDon't You Turn Your Back On Me TabOn The B.O.T.A. TabLiza Jane TabTsuki No Uta TabHypnotized TabToi TabEnd Of An Era TabShe TabThe Beatles And The Stones TabMarie TabTo Make My Life Beautiful TabPrisoners Of Fate TabНебеса TabLet Down TabLet Down ChordsShadowsouls TabIn Remote Part (Scottish Fiction) TabMao Boy TabHere In My Room TabHere In My Room ChordsRun Run Se Fue Pa'l Norte TabNocturne TabHear You Me TabHear You Me ChordsFeel The Wind TabS.R.V. TabEu Sei Que Vou Te Amar TabEu Sei Que Vou Te Amar ChordsStranger In Moscow TabStranger In Moscow ChordsRite Of Spring TabQuiet World TabCigarettes TabSocker TabSocker ChordsWhitewater TabShadowman TabMes Racines Et Mes Ailes TabMes Racines Et Mes Ailes ChordsJust A Boy TabTout Reste A Faire TabLoreley TabLoreley ChordsBeautiful Boy TabBeautiful Boy ChordsTuesday's Gone TabTuesday's Gone ChordsThink Not Forever TabLooper TabMas Alla TabMas Alla ChordsTwice TabThe Words That Crawled TabSomedays TabSomedays ChordsSear Me MCMXCIII TabNo One Can TabEaster TabEaster ChordsRain TabFeelings TabFlamenco Diablo TabAu Conditionel TabHyper Chondriac Music TabHyper Chondriac Music ChordsEchoes From The Past TabSometimes TabSometimes ChordsAfter Me TabAfter Me ChordsLa Tristesse Durera (scream To A Sigh) TabLittle Willow TabLittle Willow ChordsLe Cri Du Papillon TabChi Mai TabChi Mai ChordsFalling Away With You TabFalling Away With You ChordsFrozen Sky TabSeven Tears Are Flowing To The River TabBlood Freak TabChild Of The Twilight TabSwim Seagull In The Sky TabA Warm Place TabLa Mer TabRoshambo TabRoshambo ChordsTo Rid The Disease TabIt's Better People TabIt's Better People ChordsSad Song TabSad Song ChordsFin TabIrate Lizard TabDryad Of The Woods TabSecond Love TabSecond Love ChordsPluvius Aestivus TabThe Beautiful Ones TabThe Beautiful Ones ChordsStill Day Beneath The Sun TabLazarus TabLazarus ChordsThe Beloved's Cry TabWindowpane TabStay TabStay ChordsApathy Is A Cold Body TabIn My Time Of Need TabSleeping With Ghosts TabSleeping With Ghosts ChordsFace Of Melinda TabPure Narcotic TabPure Narcotic ChordsMy Devotion Will Never Fade TabMellotron Scratch TabPatterns In The Ivy II TabTrains TabTrains ChordsSomeone TabSomeone ChordsArpeggi TabMosquito Song TabMosquito Song ChordsDrive Blind TabDrive Blind ChordsUnder The Name Of Legion TabPictures Of Success TabPictures Of Success ChordsTrue Love Waits TabTrue Love Waits ChordsFor Sephora TabMusic For A Found Harmonium TabI Will TabI Will ChordsMayonaise TabMayonaise ChordsRhinoceros TabRhinoceros ChordsThe Bitch Is Back TabJak TabMoment Of Glory TabMoment Of Glory ChordsShe TabMore Than Simple Emotions TabKiss From A Rose TabKiss From A Rose ChordsTo Sheila TabTo Sheila ChordsStaggered And Torn TabSweet Adeline TabSweet Adeline ChordsSteam Will Rise TabPearl TabKoibito TabStand Inside Your Love TabPretty (Ugly Before) TabPretty (Ugly Before) ChordsFor Martha TabTears In The Rain TabWaltz #2 TabDanger - Keep Away TabTonight, Tonight TabTonight, Tonight ChordsOn Fire TabOn Fire ChordsKonstantine TabKonstantine ChordsPicnic By The Motorway TabPicnic By The Motorway ChordsEverytime TabEverytime ChordsGlasshouse Tarot TabSynchronicity TabChatauqua TabSolitude TabNew American Classic TabNew American Classic ChordsCritical Mass TabLemuria TabSo Far So Good TabReturn To Serenity TabSometimes I Just Go For It TabHallelujah TabHallelujah ChordsAt Zanarkand TabShe Sends Kisses TabShe Sends Kisses ChordsIn Una Notte D'estate TabNot Enough TabJosephina TabLight Of The Moon TabStarless TabOne Man's Dream TabDeine Zahlen Sehen Wie Immer Aus TabArntor, Ein Windir TabGalapogos TabGalapogos ChordsSway TabSway ChordsOpen Sky TabEverything TabEverything ChordsFriend Of The Night TabСеребро TabGlorious TabGlorious ChordsSave Me From Myself TabSave Me From Myself ChordsNaked As We Came TabNaked As We Came ChordsFever Dream TabWet Sand TabWet Sand ChordsThe Shining TabThe Shining ChordsBlack Balloon TabBlack Balloon ChordsAll We Are TabAll We Are ChordsNude TabNude ChordsThe Call TabThe Call ChordsSamson TabSamson ChordsTracy TabSweet Goodbyes TabSweet Goodbyes ChordsPieces Mended TabShe Is Suffering TabShe Is Suffering ChordsRoadside TabRoadside ChordsWomen In Love TabSerrana TabLast Night On Earth TabLast Night On Earth ChordsUse Of Time TabPuu TabPuu ChordsWithin Tab3 Libras Tab3 Libras ChordsJust Like Heaven TabOn The Arrow TabOn The Arrow ChordsLex Talionis TabRive Gauche TabThird Temptation Of Paris TabThird Temptation Of Paris ChordsDon't Say You Won't TabBuried TabInner Silence TabOne Last Goodbye TabOne Last Goodbye ChordsRainy Nights TabSacrifice TabSacrifice ChordsAvril 14th TabRuska TabIn The Backseat TabIn The Backseat ChordsAnd The World Returned TabThe Funeral TabThe Funeral ChordsMegan TabMegan ChordsThirteen TabThirteen ChordsThis Night TabThis Night ChordsLove Letter TabVision Of Heaven TabPowder Burns TabBitter Wine TabBitter Wine ChordsHe Didn't Have To Be TabHe Didn't Have To Be ChordsElectric Tears TabColma TabHumans Vanish TabHole In The Sky TabO Leaozinho TabO Leaozinho ChordsEres TabEres ChordsI'll Show No Fear TabThe White Rider TabI Found A Reason TabI Found A Reason ChordsLatnemurtsni TabLover Why TabCalice TabIntensity In Ten Cities TabIntensity In Ten Cities ChordsHow Can I Keep From Singing TabHow Can I Keep From Singing ChordsBeautiful TabBeautiful ChordsMeet Me In Montauk TabVainajala TabColorblind TabColorblind ChordsWitches TabEmily TabEmily ChordsWhiskey Lullaby TabWhiskey Lullaby Chords9 Crimes Tab9 Crimes ChordsAmie TabAmie ChordsDemons TabOpus 20 TabSanta Cruz TabBrothers On A Hotel Bed TabBrothers On A Hotel Bed ChordsSimple Man TabDeteriorate TabLions In A Cage TabDesert Song TabDesert Song ChordsLike Knives TabLike Knives ChordsUnintended TabUnintended ChordsThe Best Of Times TabSail On Soothsayer TabYour Guardian Angel TabYour Guardian Angel ChordsWondering TabHate Me TabIn Death's Embrace TabAs Long As It's Not About Love TabZakuro TabNo Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep TabV. Goodnight Kiss TabSolitary Shell TabSolitary Shell ChordsThe City Ignites TabAlmost Lover TabAlmost Lover ChordsNurse Who Loved Me TabNurse Who Loved Me ChordsAs Embers Dress The Sky TabPantheist TabCome Wander With Me TabBenjamin And Daisy TabRough Hands TabRough Hands ChordsMemories Of A Glass Sanctuary TabDo Not Obey TabBefore The Damned TabAnother Heart Calls TabAnother Heart Calls ChordsSilver Bride TabSangre TabUnder Azure Skies TabFin TabFin ChordsYou Had Time TabYou Had Time ChordsWinters Love TabWinters Love ChordsI Don't Wanna Hurt No More TabI Don't Wanna Hurt No More ChordsMein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer TabMein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer ChordsOne Crowded Hour TabOne Crowded Hour ChordsUnnamed World TabPsycho Circuit TabPenholder TabPenholder ChordsEyes To See TabNantes TabNantes ChordsPorcherie TabChristopher's River TabChristopher's River ChordsA Man From Argentina TabA Man From Argentina ChordsBroken Bones TabBroken Bones ChordsI Never Dreamed TabI Never Dreamed ChordsBiko TabSkinny Love TabSkinny Love ChordsInsanity TabInsanity ChordsUn Jour Parfait TabAlegría TabAlegría ChordsTogether We Will Live Forever TabWasted Years TabWasted Years ChordsPlainsong TabPlainsong ChordsThe Bleeding (Acoustic) TabThe Bleeding (Acoustic) ChordsBlowers Daughter TabBlowers Daughter ChordsSally's Song TabSally's Song ChordsSimple Starving To Be Safe TabLes Memoires Blessees TabA Mexican Snow Princess TabRed Right Ankle TabRed Right Ankle ChordsFragile TabFragile ChordsStorm TabHyperdrive TabHow It Ends TabClosure TabSmoke You Out TabSomnium Obmutum TabTwilight TabTwilight ChordsBetween The Bars TabBetween The Bars ChordsI Didn't Understand TabI Didn't Understand ChordsUnchained Melody TabUnchained Melody ChordsPeligro TabCarillon TabTo Make Somebody Happy TabTo Make Somebody Happy ChordsCryin TabFields Of Gold TabFields Of Gold ChordsOver The Rainbow TabOver The Rainbow ChordsSallys Song TabSallys Song ChordsYour Hand In Mine TabBeauty Through Broken Glass TabBeauty Through Broken Glass ChordsMisguided Ghost TabMisguided Ghost ChordsSvartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet TabTender TabTender ChordsMono TabMono ChordsUnfamiliar Ceilings TabGhosts On 31 TabКокон TabЭйфория TabCoil TabWitchcraft TabPensando En Ti TabPensando En Ti ChordsSnuff TabSnuff ChordsDig TabDig ChordsSamedi Soir Sur La Terre TabSamedi Soir Sur La Terre ChordsUn Samedi Soir Sur La Terre TabCasanova Lament TabWatermelon In Easter Hay TabAnak TabAnak ChordsExercises In Free Love TabMinuet TabI Should Have Told You TabI Am The Arsonist TabRequiem TabThe Sun Goes Down TabJohnny Boy TabRescue Me TabYou'll Be There TabYou'll Be There ChordsBukan Permainan TabBukan Permainan ChordsLayla TabDeath In Black TabThank You Mom TabThank You Mom ChordsLet The Evil Go East TabBoats And Birds TabBoats And Birds ChordsA Wish TabA Wish ChordsThis I Love TabThis I Love ChordsWings TabIn The Morning TabFrance 1186 TabSomeone's Watching Over Me TabSomeone's Watching Over Me ChordsBeautiful TabBeautiful ChordsMore Than A Memory TabKissing In The Wind TabConcerning Hobbits TabKeep Breathing TabKeep Breathing ChordsIn The Groves Of Death TabSong Of The Forlorn Son TabLighthouse TabLighthouse ChordsCinders And Smoke TabEach Coming Night TabEach Coming Night ChordsImagine TabImagine ChordsSpinning TabTo See A Friend In Tears TabHymn To The Sea TabSmashed TabHeavens Place TabCarnation TabLove For A Child TabLove For A Child ChordsBella Luna TabBella Luna ChordsPan's Labyrinth TabConfidentiel TabNé en 17 à Leidenstadt TabSay It Again Blues TabHard Rock TabSimple Regret TabBallade Pour Nathalie TabAdrnaline TabSatisfied Mind TabSatisfied Mind ChordsForget Her TabCorpus Christi Carol TabJewel Box TabJewel Box ChordsOpened Once TabSo Real TabMorning Theft TabMorning Theft ChordsEverybody Here Wants You TabLilac Wine TabLilac Wine ChordsMojo Pin TabBeautiful Soul TabBeautiful Soul ChordsAngel Standing By TabRubina TabClouds Race Across The Sky TabCanon In D Major TabCanon In D TabCanon In D ChordsCanon In D Major TabFugue In D Minor TabAnnies Song TabAnnies Song ChordsHow Deep Is Your Love TabHow Deep Is Your Love ChordsTime Tonight TabTime Tonight ChordsA Fall Thru The Ground TabMascara TabMascara ChordsBefore The Beginning TabHighway Man TabHighway Man ChordsBoth Sides Now TabBoth Sides Now ChordsGolden Train TabGolden Train ChordsSave Him TabSave Him ChordsUtakata TabYellowcake TabMy Nation TabIn The Sand TabIn The Sand ChordsDay TabThe Man With The Child In His Eyes TabThe Man With The Child In His Eyes ChordsAnd Dream Of Sheep TabAnd Dream Of Sheep Chords