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Angel Witch TabRise TabWorm Infested TabConcubine TabPhoenix In Flames TabChunk Blower TabFucked With A Knife TabFestering In The Crypt TabKill As One TabAbandon All Hope TabBlessing Upon The Throne Of Tyranny TabKilling On Adrenaline TabSchematics TabSacrificial TabSymbolic TabMerciless Death TabDoomsayer TabCremation TabShadows And Dust TabTormentor TabBetrayer TabPleasure To Kill TabThe Hangman Of Prague TabSulphur Souls TabBleached Bones TabAzrael TabNecrocannibal TabLashed To The Slave Stick TabContinuing War On Stupidity TabThe Black Flame TabLacertine Forest TabBeliever TabArise TabArise ChordsGet This TabIn The Mist By The Hills TabHuman Target TabThunderhorse TabDuncan Hills Coffee Jingle TabAwaken Mustakrakish TabAs We Speak TabChelsea Smile TabGo Into The Water TabPray For Plagues TabAt The Behest Of Their Death TabHammer Smashed Face TabThere Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet TabThe Last Relapse TabWe Hold These Truths TabBlack & Blue TabWelcome To Sludge City TabMy Fears Have Become Phobias TabBeyond Adaptation TabI Worship Only What You Bleed TabDeathmask Divine TabInside The Wire TabA Lot Like Vegas TabTell Slater Not To Wash His Dick TabBlunt Force Castration TabCovered With Sores TabPlagues TabBitter And Then Some TabBenedictine Convulsions TabDopesick TabDiabolis Interium TabSlottet I Det Fjerne TabSensual Sickness TabThe First Damned TabBlessed TabCrown Of Souls TabImminent Doom TabRusted Over Wet Dreams TabBludgeoned To Death TabFurtive Monologue TabFansong TabHatredy TabMurder Train A Comin TabHappy Birthday Murderface TabDethecution TabMurmaider TabMetalocalypse TabDethtroll TabBlood Ocean TabA Song For Toki TabDethklok Theme TabDethfam TabUnicorn-Er TabBirthday Dethday TabBloodrocuted TabGo Forth And Die TabBriefcase Full Of Guts TabSewn Back Together Wrong TabRot TabEradication TabBlack Gold Reign TabSever The Memory TabIstoriya Padeniya TabA Grave Mistake TabAll About You TabVirally Yours TabIntro TabHope Dies With The Decadent TabLayers Of Lies TabBestial Invasion TabDuncan Hills Coffee TabCastratikron TabDraw Your Sword TabSeason 2 Episode 10 TabThe Branding Of The Gear TabTitty Fish TabYopo TabBanana Stickers TabBlack Fire Upon Us TabIncinerate TabRough Justice TabSound Wave Superior TabFor Reasons That Remain Unclear TabOvernight Sensation TabFive Months TabThe Gears TabCry Of The Banshee TabWishing Well TabThrough The Looking Glass TabBeyond The Unknown TabA Fraction Off Death TabLicky Webster TabRottenatomy TabStiff And Cold TabBodily Corrupted TabWaste Of Mortality TabThe Erosion Of Sanity TabDisincarnated TabSuicide Code TabA Call For Blood TabConfide In No One TabBelow The Bottom TabCurseworship TabLiturgy Of Deceivers TabSilence The Oppressors TabSpinal Digestion TabCatacombs TabDead Before I Stray TabOasd TabOur Disintegration TabFive Nails Through The Neck TabThe Discipline Of Revenge TabDay In Black TabReduced To Mere Filth TabSuspended By The Throat TabKnee Deep TabRipping Corpse TabTaste Of The Whip TabAngels Of Debauchery TabRaped By Elephants TabNobody To Somebody TabCigarette TabEyes Of Abomination TabEscapism TabThe Clouds Threaten Rain TabShe Taught Me To Read Streetlights TabConquistadores TabKirisute Gomen TabReanimated Dead Flesh TabIn The Black TabThe Deepest Hole TabAs He Creates So He Destroys TabChurning The Maelstrom TabThe Aftermath TabFinite TabWorld Of Hurt TabSlaughtered TabIt's Hard To Speak Without A Tongue TabPicture Perfect, Pathetic TabLost Souls TabKoko Massacre TabSlaughtered In Your Sleep TabEternal Regret TabCrucify Kill Rot TabEisenkopf Tab8 Dead 9 If You Count The Fetus TabBest Theory A Human Being Has Ever Devised TabOne Bullet Left TabThe Optimist TabMelissas Friend TabDestruction Of A Statue TabScared Of The Unknown TabSee You Next Tuesday TabCarbomb TabSpongebob Grindpants TabGhost Of A Stranger TabFailure In The Flesh TabDown TabReign In Blood TabIcons Of Evil TabScorned TabAftermath TabOf Legions TabThe Somatic Defilement TabCarpe Diem TabFista Corpse TabThunderhorse (Remastered) TabSoul Trashing Black Sorcery TabBurn The Earth (Intro) TabSnakes For The Divine TabMachete TabÖlüyorum TabDecimate The Weak TabSleepwalker TabDevirgination Studies TabHorus Rises TabConstitutional Masturbation TabAre You Metal? TabNow Arise TabSlay The Nazarene TabLaser Cannon Deth Sentence TabWhen Keeping It Real Goes Wrong TabBroken Hearts Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl TabBroken Hearts Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl ChordsStanding By The Sword TabDead Men Don't Tell Tales TabI Am The Wrath Of Gods And The Desolation Of The Earth TabPandemonic Hyperblast TabSo Be It TabThe Fine Line Between Love And Hate TabSurvival Of The Fittest TabThe Cryptic Stench TabThe Human Condition TabGrotesque Impalement TabGrade A One TabGraves Of The Archangels TabFrost TabThe Marvelous Slut TabThe Harp And The Hellfire TabGreat Cop TabIn Honour Of Reason TabTwist Of Death TabColon Commando TabSlowly Raped With A Chainsaw TabBarefoot And Shit Faced TabSpray Me With Fecal Matter TabViolet TabThe Lament Cofiguration TabElegant And Perverse TabSmells Like Teen Spirit TabA Glass Slipper TabHuman Dissection TabRaw Dog TabIt's Not A Tumor TabChicagos Finest TabThe Breakers Commission TabOf Ice And Movement TabTo The Nines TabBehold Judas TabDestroy The Weak TabFuck Your Claim TabWhoop Dat Trick TabNailed. Dead. Risen. TabMajesty And Decay TabPray And Suffer TabLock Up Your Children TabDisengage TabSacrificial Zombie TabPermitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld TabNot My Funeral TabDesolate Spheres TabEndless Cure TabHollow Man TabListen To My Voice TabBuried Amongst Flames TabParaphilia TabSatanarchrist TabBreeding The Spawn TabThrones Of Blood TabOrnaments Of Decrepancy TabBeginning Of Sorrow TabDevoid Of Truth TabThey Faced Each Other TabJFC TabKnives And Wolves TabAs Good As Dead TabReborn TabSlut TabDestroy What Destroys You TabYour Children Will Burn TabExalt TabUnnerving Tab1000 Bodies To Bury TabWorship Depraved TabRegurgitated Disinformation TabMisery Reformatory TabApokathilosis TabDivided TabPec Nam Spadla Vs. Skakal Pes Tab1000 Lies TabThe Undertow TabI Ate Your Horse TabChris Barnes Is A Pussy TabRaped On The Altar TabLegacy TabDethsupport TabMurmaider Ii Solo TabVolcano (Solo) TabBurn The Earth (Solo) TabThe Gears (Solo) TabBurn The Earth TabMurmaider Ii: The Water God TabTo The Afterborn TabInfectus Hospital Waste TabNeanderthal TabBoys Of Fall TabDethharmonic (Solo) TabVolcano TabOvercome TabRemnants Of The Tortured TabRhizome TabThunderhorse (Guitars Only) TabSpit My Rage TabComplete Relinquish Utter Abandon ChordsKuca Poso ChordsLeader Of The Gang ChordsEarly Morning Stoned Pimp ChordsWhen You Love Someone ChordsI Dont Want This Night To End ChordsSorority Girls ChordsChristmas In The Sun ChordsThe Court Of King Caractus ChordsI Tampered With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin TabThunderhorse (w/Live Bass) TabDeththeme (w/Live Bass) TabBlack Fire Upon Us (w/Live Bass) TabMurmaider (w/Live Bass) TabTest1 TabSittin Pretty ChordsLaser Cannon Deth Sentence (With Drums) TabКому Ты Веришь TabMass Obliteration TabTab TabMy TabIn The Trenches TabMegawykurw TabMytwoo TabThe Vampire From Nazareth TabXxx TabRevisionist Past TabWeeping Wastelands Tab