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Wonderwall TabWonderwall ChordsGod Put A Smile Upon Your Face TabGod Put A Smile Upon Your Face ChordsMarried With Children TabMarried With Children ChordsShiver TabShiver ChordsThere She Goes TabThere She Goes ChordsIn My Place TabIn My Place ChordsYou're The Reason I'm Leaving TabYou're The Reason I'm Leaving ChordsDelivery TabDelivery ChordsYellow TabYellow ChordsThe Scientist TabThe Scientist ChordsDays Before You Came TabGoldfinger TabGoldfinger ChordsWires TabWires ChordsGirl From Mars TabGirl From Mars ChordsWalking Barefoot TabBurn Baby Burn TabBurn Baby Burn ChordsSong For The Lovers TabSometimes TabSometimes ChordsKung Fu TabKung Fu ChordsShining Light TabShining Light ChordsCherry Bomb TabFantasy (Intro) TabAsk For Answers TabGirls And Boys TabGirls And Boys ChordsGood Song TabGood Song ChordsTender TabTender ChordsEnd Of A Century TabEnd Of A Century ChordsSweet Song TabSweet Song ChordsThere's No Other Way TabThere's No Other Way ChordsThis Is A Low TabThis Is A Low ChordsOily Water TabBanquet TabSo Here We Are TabSong 2 (Live) TabShe's Hearing Voices TabSong 2 TabSong 2 ChordsMoses TabMoses ChordsI Bloom Blaum TabI Bloom Blaum ChordsSee You Soon TabSee You Soon ChordsWhat If TabWhat If ChordsSpeed Of Sound TabSpeed Of Sound ChordsPolitik TabPolitik ChordsA Message TabA Message ChordsAmsterdam TabAmsterdam ChordsParachutes TabParachutes ChordsX & Y TabWe Never Change TabWe Never Change ChordsDon't Panic TabDon't Panic ChordsTrouble TabTrouble ChordsWhite Shadows TabWhite Shadows ChordsTalk TabTalk ChordsBittersweet Bundle Of Misery TabBittersweet Bundle Of Misery ChordsGreen Eyes TabGreen Eyes ChordsSquare One TabSquare One ChordsDaylight TabDaylight ChordsDreaming Of You TabDreaming Of You ChordsFix You TabFix You ChordsGravity (Acoustic Version) TabNot A Job TabNot A Job ChordsGravity TabGravity ChordsYou're Not Alone TabYou're Not Alone ChordsDarts Of Pleasure TabDarts Of Pleasure ChordsCome On Home TabCome On Home ChordsTell Her Tonight TabTurn TabTurn ChordsJacqueline TabRevolutionary Kind TabModern Way TabModern Way ChordsI Can't TabI Can't ChordsViva La Vida TabViva La Vida ChordsTime Changes Everything TabAutomat TabBedshaped TabBedshaped ChordsUntitled 1 TabUntitled 1 ChordsWe Might As Well Be Strangers TabWe Might As Well Be Strangers ChordsThis Is The Last Time TabThis Is The Last Time ChordsEverybody's Changing TabEverybody's Changing ChordsSomewhere Only We Know TabSomewhere Only We Know ChordsMoving to New York TabMoving to New York ChordsCan't Stand Me Now TabCan't Stand Me Now ChordsDon't Look Back Into The Sun TabDon't Look Back Into The Sun ChordsWhat A Waster TabWhat A Waster ChordsLast Post On The Bugle TabLast Post On The Bugle ChordsCan You Dig It TabAustralia TabLegacy TabLegacy ChordsFaster TabWhite America TabYes Tab5 Colours In Her Hair Tab5 Colours In Her Hair ChordsJudge Yr'self TabObviously TabObviously ChordsMotorcycle Emptiness TabMotorcycle Emptiness ChordsIrish Blood, English Heart TabIrish Blood, English Heart ChordsA Secret Society TabHate This & I'll Love You TabA Design For Life TabA Design For Life ChordsLa Tristesse Durera (scream To A Sigh) TabP.C.P. TabP.C.P. ChordsPost Blue TabPost Blue ChordsMeds TabMeds ChordsHang On To Your IQ TabDisco 2000 TabDisco 2000 ChordsIt's Better People TabIt's Better People ChordsSad Song TabSad Song ChordsDo You Remember The First Time TabDo You Remember The First Time ChordsSome Might Say (Live At Jools) TabUnderneath The Sky TabUnderneath The Sky ChordsLive Forever (Live) TabShe Is Love TabShe Is Love ChordsTwenty Years TabTwenty Years ChordsSlave To The Wage TabLet There Be Love TabLet There Be Love ChordsHalf The World Away TabHalf The World Away ChordsThe Fame TabThe Fame ChordsCommercial For Levi TabCommercial For Levi ChordsListen Up TabListen Up ChordsCountdown TabCountdown ChordsDon't Look Back In Anger (Live) TabDon't Look Back In Anger (Live) ChordsDon't Go Away TabDon't Go Away ChordsCigarettes & Alcohol TabCum On Feel The Noize TabCum On Feel The Noize ChordsMaster Of The Universe TabMaster Of The Universe ChordsColumbia (Live) TabHey Hey My My TabHey Hey My My ChordsSupersonic (Live) TabBring It On Down TabBring It On Down ChordsDon't Look Back In Anger TabDon't Look Back In Anger ChordsMonday Morning TabMonday Morning ChordsFade Away TabFade Away ChordsThe Masterplan TabThe Masterplan ChordsSecond Sight TabLyla TabLyla ChordsRock 'N' Roll Star TabRock 'N' Roll Star ChordsTalk Tonight TabTalk Tonight ChordsSongbird TabSongbird ChordsStrange Thing TabMorning Glory TabSpite & Malice TabThis Is Hardcore TabThis Is Hardcore ChordsEnglish Summer Rain TabA Bell Will Ring TabA Bell Will Ring ChordsSunday Morning Call (Live For Mtv Europe) TabSoulmates TabCommon People TabCommon People ChordsD'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman TabD'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman ChordsFuckin' In The Bushes TabFuckin' In The Bushes ChordsStand By Me (Live) TabAcquiesce TabAcquiesce ChordsSpecial K TabSpecial K ChordsBlackeyed TabBlackeyed ChordsI Hope, I Think, I Know TabI Hope, I Think, I Know ChordsTake Me Away TabTake Me Away ChordsI Still Remember TabI Still Remember ChordsPearly TabPearly ChordsBones TabBones ChordsPop Is Dead TabPop Is Dead ChordsGolden Touch TabGolden Touch ChordsStumble And Fall TabStumble And Fall ChordsRipcord TabRipcord ChordsMark TabHalf A Person TabHalf A Person ChordsJust A Film TabLong Time Dead TabGirl Afraid TabGirl Afraid ChordsLove Is The Law TabLove Is The Law ChordsNever Had A Dream Come True TabNever Had A Dream Come True ChordsYour Guess Is As Good As Mine TabUniversal TabFrankly, Mr Shankly TabFrankly, Mr Shankly ChordsI Can Walk In Your Mind TabRun TabRun ChordsSilence Is Easy TabSilence Is Easy ChordsThe Chemistry Between Us TabThe Chemistry Between Us ChordsThe Bartender And The Thief Tab(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister Tab(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister ChordsGrace TabGrace ChordsT-Shirt Sun Tan TabT-Shirt Sun Tan ChordsLenny TabDakota TabDakota ChordsSpitting Games TabSpitting Games ChordsPoor Misguided Fool TabPoor Misguided Fool ChordsFour To The Floor TabFour To The Floor ChordsStarcrazy TabThe Drowner TabCheapskate TabCheapskate ChordsGrazed Knees TabStrange Ones TabLazy TabLazy ChordsSo Young (Love And Poison) TabI Wanna Be Adored TabI Wanna Be Adored ChordsLose It TabSaturday Night TabFilmstar TabSaturday Night (Acoustic) TabThis Is The One TabPicnic By The Motorway TabPicnic By The Motorway ChordsBy The Sea TabBy The Sea ChordsShe TabWe Are The Pig TabTrash TabTrash ChordsMade Of Stone TabMade Of Stone ChordsChocolate TabChocolate ChordsI'd Like To Know TabHow To Be Dead TabHow To Be Dead ChordsCheck My Eyelids For Holes TabLet's Dance To Joy Division TabLet's Dance To Joy Division ChordsOoh La TabOoh La ChordsBaby One More Time TabBaby One More Time ChordsLast Train TabLast Train ChordsTurn TabTurn ChordsLove Will Come Through TabLove Will Come Through ChordsThru The Glass TabThru The Glass ChordsThe Humpty Dumpty Love Song TabThe Humpty Dumpty Love Song ChordsCome On TabSonnet TabSonnet ChordsLife's An Ocean TabHas My Fire Really Gone Out TabHas My Fire Really Gone Out ChordsThe Drugs Don't Work TabThe Drugs Don't Work ChordsStar Sail TabStar Sail ChordsBitter Sweet Symphony TabBitter Sweet Symphony ChordsSlide Away TabSlide Away ChordsSo It Goes TabNo Knock On My Door TabNo Knock On My Door ChordsWeeping Willow TabWeeping Willow ChordsAll In The Mind TabCatching The Butterfly TabYou Do Something To Me TabYou Do Something To Me ChordsSpace And Time TabSpace And Time ChordsLucky Man TabLucky Man ChordsThis Is Music TabThe Rolling People TabThe Rolling People ChordsOne Way To Go TabElla Es Azul TabNeon Wilderness TabMatchbox TabMatchbox ChordsShe Moves In Her Own Way TabShe Moves In Her Own Way ChordsSofa Song TabSofa Song ChordsYou Don't Love Me TabYou Don't Love Me ChordsAlways Where I Need To Be TabAlways Where I Need To Be ChordsMr Maker (Intro) TabBitter Sweet Symphony TabBitter Sweet Symphony ChordsWaiting For The 7.18 TabDeath On The Stairs TabDeath On The Stairs ChordsDriftwood TabDriftwood ChordsSway TabSway ChordsEddie's Gun TabEddie's Gun ChordsDown To The Market (Intro) TabEverything's Not Lost TabEverything's Not Lost ChordsThe Sweetest Thing TabThe Sweetest Thing ChordsCome Home TabLittle Thoughts TabLittle Thoughts ChordsMary TabMary ChordsSummer's Gone TabSummer's Gone ChordsMeds (Capo) TabRuby TabRuby ChordsThank You Very Much TabThank You Very Much ChordsOh My God TabOh My God ChordsNever Miss A Beat TabNever Miss A Beat ChordsNa Na Na Na Na TabI Predict A Riot TabI Predict A Riot ChordsI Can Do It Without You TabHighroyds TabGood Days And Bad Days TabEverything Is Average Nowadays TabEveryday I Love You Less And Less TabBorn To Be A Dancer TabAngry Mob TabAngry Mob ChordsHeat Dies Down TabHeat Dies Down ChordsForce Of Nature TabForce Of Nature ChordsBeetlebum TabBeetlebum ChordsHung In A Bad Place TabThis Picture TabThis Picture ChordsIn The Morning TabIn The Morning ChordsFools Gold TabM.O.R. TabM.O.R. ChordsFamily TabLittle James TabLittle James ChordsAll Around The World TabAll Around The World ChordsGo Let It Out TabGo Let It Out ChordsShe Is Suffering TabShe Is Suffering ChordsLovers In Japan TabLovers In Japan ChordsGirl Like You TabBackfire At The Disco TabBackfire At The Disco ChordsViolet Hill TabViolet Hill ChordsI Am The Resurrection TabI Am The Resurrection ChordsShe Bangs The Drums TabShe Bangs The Drums ChordsStrawberry Swing TabStrawberry Swing ChordsCharlotte TabCharlotte ChordsNumbskull TabSingapore Song TabOh Yeah TabOh Yeah ChordsGood Times TabIn The City TabBurbuja Tab8 Holes TabMy Girlfriend Loves The Beatles More Than Me TabI Love TabIdiot Brother TabHousebreaker TabCarry On Up The Morning TabPipe Down TabFuck Forever TabFuck Forever ChordsStay Loose TabStay Loose ChordsWaterfall TabWaterfall ChordsLittle By Little TabLittle By Little ChordsBlue Light TabErnold Same TabErnold Same ChordsStereotypes TabStereotypes ChordsMovin' On TabGlobe Alone TabGlobe Alone ChordsMr. Robinson's Quango TabDeath Of A Party TabDeath Of A Party ChordsLook Inside America TabLook Inside America ChordsYou're So Great TabYou're So Great ChordsSing TabSing ChordsBest Days TabBest Days ChordsCharmless Man TabCharmless Man ChordsCountry House TabCountry House ChordsOn Your Own TabOn Your Own ChordsThe Universal TabThe Universal ChordsTheme From Retro TabChinese Bombs TabCoffee And Tv TabCoffee And Tv ChordsSuzie TabSleeping With The Light On TabSleeping With The Light On ChordsDancing In The Moonlight TabDancing In The Moonlight ChordsEn Tus Manos TabThe Only One I Know TabNorth Country Boy TabNorth Country Boy ChordsThings I Don't Understand TabThings I Don't Understand ChordsWarning Sign TabWarning Sign ChordsA Rush Of Blood To The Head TabA Rush Of Blood To The Head ChordsSomewhere Between The Line TabSparks TabSparks ChordsScorpio Rising TabScorpio Rising ChordsLost TabLost ChordsAmerica TabAmerica ChordsLemon Tree TabLemon Tree ChordsBoys In The Band TabBoys In The Band ChordsLast Of The Small Time Playboys TabPounding TabPounding ChordsYou Can't Have It All TabYou Can't Have It All ChordsAlbion TabAlbion ChordsFrench Dog Blues TabFrench Dog Blues ChordsOne Month Off TabPutting Out Fires TabTrouble In The Message Centre TabParklife TabParklife ChordsTil Kingdom Come TabTil Kingdom Come ChordsBeautiful World TabBeautiful World ChordsYes TabYes ChordsFor You TabFor You ChordsDeath And All His Friends TabDeath And All His Friends ChordsOne I Love TabOne I Love ChordsHardest Part TabHardest Part ChordsLife In Technicolor TabNow My Feet Won't Touch The Ground TabNow My Feet Won't Touch The Ground Chords42 Tab42 ChordsHideaway TabLost In A Melody TabSoft TabAnnie TabAnnie ChordsConnection TabWaking Up TabAshes TabAshes ChordsUnbelievable TabHigh TabHigh ChordsTender TabTender ChordsJust The Way I'm Feeling TabJust The Way I'm Feeling ChordsPushing The Senses TabShatter TabFallen TabFallen ChordsOutsiders TabOutsiders ChordsEleanor Put Your Boots On TabEleanor Put Your Boots On ChordsWhat You Meant TabDo You Want To TabDo You Want To ChordsFade Together TabFade Together ChordsDo This Do That TabDo This Do That ChordsCope TabNazanin TabStep On TabStep On ChordsLiving For The Weekend TabLiving For The Weekend ChordsModern Way Of Letting Go TabSpit At Stars TabSpit At Stars ChordsMr Clean TabMr Clean ChordsGetting Away With It All Messed Up TabGetting Away With It All Messed Up ChordsShe's A Star TabShe's A Star ChordsSit Down TabSit Down ChordsTomorrow TabTomorrow ChordsWisemen TabWisemen Chords1973 Tab1973 ChordsCarry You Home TabCarry You Home ChordsNo Bravery TabNo Bravery ChordsTears And Rain TabTears And Rain ChordsMe Plus One TabMe Plus One ChordsLSF TabLSF ChordsOn A Day Like Today TabOn A Day Like Today ChordsNothing In My Way TabNothing In My Way ChordsThe Iron Sea TabBad Dream TabBad Dream ChordsBlack Burning Heart TabBlack Burning Heart ChordsYour Eyes Open TabYour Eyes Open ChordsHamburger Song TabIs It Any Wonder TabIs It Any Wonder ChordsPerfect Symmetry TabPerfect Symmetry ChordsTemple Of Everlasting Light TabMan Who Would Be King TabMan Who Would Be King ChordsHigh TabHigh ChordsThree Lions TabThree Lions ChordsLDN TabLDN ChordsCura De Espanto TabMasses Against The Classes TabMasses Against The Classes ChordsThe Masses Against The Classes TabOcean Spray TabOcean Spray ChordsSmall Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky TabIf You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next TabIf You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next ChordsImperial Bodybags TabNobody Loved You TabEnola Alone TabThere By The Grace Of God TabIndian Summer TabIndian Summer ChordsYou Stole The Sun From My Heart TabYou Stole The Sun From My Heart ChordsRevol TabInteriors Song For Willem De Kooning TabSecond Great Depression TabSecond Great Depression ChordsRendition TabThe Love Of Richard Nixon TabFurther Away TabFurther Away ChordsNo Surface All Feeling TabNo Surface All Feeling ChordsYour Love Alone Is Not Enough TabYour Love Alone Is Not Enough ChordsThis Is Yesterday TabUnderdogs TabAutumnsong TabDamn Dog TabSend Away The Tigers TabTransylvania TabTransylvania ChordsUmbrella TabUmbrella ChordsEverybody Knows TabEverybody Knows ChordsStar Girl TabStar Girl ChordsUltraviolet TabUltraviolet ChordsPov TabPov ChordsThat Girl TabThat Girl ChordsFriday Night TabFriday Night ChordsI've Got You TabI've Got You ChordsBig Girl You Are Beautiful TabBig Girl You Are Beautiful ChordsGrace Kelly TabGrace Kelly ChordsLove Today TabLove Today ChordsHappy Ending TabHappy Ending ChordsRunnin' Free TabKillamangiro TabKillamangiro ChordsBurning Benches TabBurning Benches ChordsShe's Got You High TabShe's Got You High ChordsBiarlah TabBiarlah ChordsThe Importance Of Being Idle TabThe Importance Of Being Idle ChordsShe's Electric TabShe's Electric ChordsColumbia TabColumbia ChordsWhatever TabWhatever ChordsI'm Outta Time TabI'm Outta Time ChordsGuess God Thinks I'm Abel TabGuess God Thinks I'm Abel ChordsMy Generation TabMy Generation ChordsStay Young TabStay Young ChordsMy Big Mouth TabMy Big Mouth ChordsSome Might Say TabSome Might Say ChordsStand By Me TabStand By Me ChordsMy Sister Lover TabThe Shock Of The Lightning TabThe Shock Of The Lightning ChordsBag It Up TabBag It Up ChordsStop The Clocks TabStop The Clocks ChordsTurn Up The Sun TabTurn Up The Sun ChordsBe Here Now TabBe Here Now ChordsRoll It Over TabRoll It Over ChordsDigsys Dinner TabDigsys Dinner ChordsSunday Morning Call TabSunday Morning Call ChordsCloudburst TabCloudburst ChordsGas Panic TabGas Panic ChordsSupersonic TabSupersonic ChordsHello TabHello ChordsLive Forever TabLive Forever ChordsI Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine TabI Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine ChordsFalling Down TabFalling Down ChordsWho Feels Love TabWho Feels Love ChordsThe Girl In The Dirty Shirt TabThe Girl In The Dirty Shirt ChordsSlide Away TabSlide Away ChordsBetter Man TabBetter Man ChordsI Can See A Liar TabI Can See A Liar ChordsRoll With It TabRoll With It ChordsDyou Know What I Mean TabDyou Know What I Mean ChordsWhere Did It All Go Wrong TabWhere Did It All Go Wrong ChordsThe Turning TabThe Turning ChordsMagic Pie TabMagic Pie ChordsUp In The Sky TabPass Me Down The Wine TabPass Me Down The Wine ChordsCast No Shadow TabCast No Shadow ChordsChampagne Supernova TabChampagne Supernova ChordsBorn On A Different Cloud TabBorn On A Different Cloud ChordsKeep The Dream Alive TabKeep The Dream Alive ChordsShow Me Your Love TabShakermaker TabShakermaker ChordsStop Crying Your Heart Out TabStop Crying Your Heart Out Chords