Top classic punk Tabs

Blitzkrieg Bop TabBlitzkrieg Bop ChordsGod Save The Queen TabGod Save The Queen ChordsHolidays In The Sun TabHolidays In The Sun ChordsAlong The Way TabAlong The Way ChordsWild In The Streets TabWild In The Streets ChordsMyage TabMyage ChordsAnarchy in the UK TabAnarchy in the UK ChordsPretty Vacant TabPretty Vacant ChordsHybrid Moments TabHybrid Moments ChordsCome Back TabCome Back ChordsTeenagers From Mars TabTeenagers From Mars ChordsSome Kinda Hate TabSome Kinda Hate ChordsThe Crowd TabThe Crowd ChordsCretin Hop TabCretin Hop ChordsGlad To See You Go TabToday Your Love, Tomorrow The World TabToday Your Love, Tomorrow The World ChordsI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend TabI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend ChordsPet Sematary TabPet Sematary ChordsRadio TabI Don't Care (It's Alive) TabOh Oh I Love Her So TabOh Oh I Love Her So ChordsI Wanna Live TabI Wanna Live ChordsStrength To Endure TabBeat On The Brat TabBeat On The Brat ChordsI Don't Want To Grow Up TabI Don't Want To Grow Up ChordsRockaway Beach TabRockaway Beach ChordsSheena Is A Punk Rocker TabSheena Is A Punk Rocker ChordsSheena Is A Punk Rocker (Live) TabClash City Rockers TabJanie Jones TabJanie Jones ChordsSafe European Home TabSafe European Home ChordsEnglish Civil War TabWart Hog TabWart Hog ChordsTv Party TabTv Party ChordsTeenage Lobotomy TabTeenage Lobotomy ChordsAny Way You Want It (feat. Eddie Vedder) TabJudy Is A Punk TabJudy Is A Punk ChordsListen To My Heart TabHavana Affair TabHavana Affair ChordsLoudmouth TabLoudmouth ChordsNow I Wanna Sniff Some Glue TabNow I Wanna Sniff Some Glue ChordsAnimal Boy TabAnimal Boy ChordsSomebody Put Something In My Drink TabBoredom TabNazi Punks Fuck Off TabCoolidge TabWhere Eagles Dare TabWhere Eagles Dare ChordsAttitude TabAttitude ChordsBlitzkrieg Bop TabI Remember You TabDurango 95 TabDurango 95 ChordsHappy Birthday Mr Burns TabDo You Wanna Dance TabDo You Wanna Dance ChordsThe Kkk Took My Baby Away TabThe Kkk Took My Baby Away ChordsTouring TabTouring ChordsPoison Heart TabPoison Heart ChordsI Believe In Miracles TabI Believe In Miracles ChordsShe's The One TabShe's The One ChordsI'm Not Your Stepping Stone TabProblems TabProblems ChordsWarhead TabJealous Again Tab48 Hours Tab48 Hours ChordsI'm So Bored With The Usa TabI'm So Bored With The Usa ChordsNeat Neat Neat TabNeat Neat Neat ChordsLove Song TabBorn To Kill TabBorn To Kill ChordsNew Rose TabNew Rose ChordsLive Fast Die Young TabLive Fast Die Young ChordsIf You Want Me To Stay TabIf You Want Me To Stay ChordsGimme Gimme Shock Treatment TabGimme Gimme Shock Treatment ChordsNike A Go Go TabNike A Go Go ChordsUnkaputtbar TabTeenage Bonehead TabMental Hell TabLonely Boy TabLonely Boy ChordsSeventeen TabShe's A Sensation TabYoull Never Walk Alone ChordsDeny ChordsMelody Lee ChordsSonic Reducer ChordsChinese Bitch ChordsYour Generation ChordsKing Rocker ChordsRunaway ChordsLeaves ChordsSpinal Remains ChordsIn The Doorway ChordsSpirit In My House ChordsPoison Heart Acoustic ChordsHalfway To Sanity ChordsCabbies On Crack ChordsLittle Bit Osoul ChordsDont Worry About Me ChordsI Dont Wanna Grow Up ChordsI Got Knocked Down But Ill Get Up ChordsGarden Of Serenity ChordsLeave Home ChordsEnd Of The Century ChordsI Dont Want To Live This Life Anymore ChordsPalisades Parks ChordsCensorshit ChordsToo Tough To Die ChordsBrain Drain ChordsPleasant Dreams ChordsLocket Love ChordsPet Cemetary ChordsLike A Drug I Never Did Before ChordsRoad To Ruin ChordsShe Talks To Rainbows ChordsMr Punchy ChordsPet Sematary Live ChordsAnxiety ChordsAdios Amigos ChordsBlitzkreig Bop ChordsDaytime Dilemma ChordsRamones Leave Home ChordsYea Yea ChordsVenting ChordsRocket To Russia ChordsStop Thinking About It ChordsNo Fun ChordsIf It Were Left Up To Me ChordsBarbed Wire Love ChordsSuspect Device ChordsTin Soldier ChordsBitching ChordsWhips And Furs ChordsAdult Books ChordsOne Chord Wonders ChordsI Dont Mind ChordsHeroine ChordsBreakdown ChordsSixteen Again ChordsI Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement TabIn Time TabPet Sematary (By henrik_93) TabSpinal Remains TabBlack Love TabLiar TabWhat A Wondeful World TabFast Cars TabTomorrow She Goes Away (2) TabRock And Roll High School (Movie Version) TabTake This Job And Shove It TabSheena Is A Punk Rocker (2) TabPet Sematary (2) TabBlitzkrieg Bop (2) TabRockaway Beach (2) TabBonzo Goes To Bitburg (2) TabCalifornia Sun Ver.2 TabMyage TabCommando (2) TabSex and Dying in High Society TabChinese Rock (2) TabEat That Rat TabHavana Affair (2) TabLocket Love TabR.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Alternate Version) TabToo Tough To Die TabSpider-Man (Alternate Version) TabCensorshit TabSonic Reducer TabI Wanna Be Sedated (ver2) TabIn The Doorway TabTake It As It Come Tab