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Can't Stop TabCan't Stop ChordsCome As You Are TabCome As You Are ChordsAbout A Girl TabAbout A Girl ChordsAll Apologies TabAll Apologies ChordsHeart Shaped Box TabHeart Shaped Box ChordsJesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam (MTV Unplugged) TabJesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam (MTV Unplugged) ChordsLithium TabLithium ChordsOh Me TabOh Me ChordsPennyroyal Tea TabPennyroyal Tea ChordsPlateau TabPlateau ChordsRape Me TabRape Me ChordsSomething In The Way TabSomething In The Way ChordsNo It Isn't TabNo It Isn't ChordsRoad Trippin TabRoad Trippin ChordsScar Tissue TabScar Tissue ChordsEverybody Hurts TabEverybody Hurts ChordsPardon Me TabPardon Me ChordsMake Yourself TabMake Yourself ChordsCreep TabCreep ChordsUnder The Bridge TabUnder The Bridge ChordsOtherside (Solo) TabHow To Save A Life TabHow To Save A Life ChordsGod Put A Smile Upon Your Face TabGod Put A Smile Upon Your Face ChordsVirginia Moon TabVirginia Moon ChordsMy Friends TabMy Friends ChordsExit Music (For A Film) TabExit Music (For A Film) ChordsStreet Spirit (Fade Out) TabStreet Spirit (Fade Out) ChordsSerenity TabSerenity ChordsNext Year TabNext Year ChordsDown In A Hole TabDown In A Hole ChordsFake Plastic Trees TabFake Plastic Trees ChordsStaring At The Sun TabStaring At The Sun ChordsDaughter TabDaughter ChordsShiver TabShiver ChordsTimes Like These TabTimes Like These ChordsMr. Jones TabMr. Jones ChordsLucky TabLucky ChordsYellow Ledbetter TabYellow Ledbetter ChordsImmortality (Acoustic) TabWhat I Got TabWhat I Got ChordsSanta Monica TabSanta Monica ChordsAmerican Idiot TabAmerican Idiot ChordsKarma Police TabKarma Police ChordsBlack Hole Sun TabBlack Hole Sun ChordsLake Of Fire TabLake Of Fire ChordsPolly TabPolly ChordsAre You Gonna Go My Way TabAre You Gonna Go My Way ChordsEveryday TabEveryday ChordsSnow (Hey Oh) TabSnow (Hey Oh) ChordsShattered TabShattered ChordsAdam's Song TabAdam's Song ChordsPretty Fly (For A White Guy) TabLast Resort TabLast Resort ChordsSeven Nation Army TabSeven Nation Army ChordsSmells Like Teen Spirit TabSmells Like Teen Spirit ChordsIn My Place TabIn My Place ChordsMichael TabYou're The Reason I'm Leaving TabYou're The Reason I'm Leaving ChordsThe Pretender TabThe Pretender ChordsPlush TabPlush ChordsInterstate Love Song TabInterstate Love Song ChordsIn Bloom TabIn Bloom ChordsIris TabIris ChordsDani California TabDani California ChordsOne Step Closer TabBest Of You TabBest Of You ChordsWelcome Home TabWelcome Home ChordsCitizen Soldier TabCitizen Soldier ChordsHere Without You TabHere Without You ChordsThe Kids Aren't Alright TabThe Kids Aren't Alright ChordsDrive TabDrive ChordsReptilia TabReptilia ChordsGel TabGel ChordsGlycerine TabGlycerine ChordsHanging By A Moment TabHanging By A Moment ChordsMan In The Box TabMan In The Box ChordsDisarm TabDisarm ChordsKilling In The Name TabSomewhere I Belong (Live) TabPapercut TabI Think I'm Paranoid TabI Think I'm Paranoid ChordsAre You Gonna Be My Girl TabAre You Gonna Be My Girl ChordsCold Hard Bitch TabSappy TabSappy ChordsEven Flow TabEven Flow ChordsBulls On Parade TabFloat On TabFloat On ChordsLong Road To Ruin TabLong Road To Ruin ChordsDown On The Street TabMicro Cuts TabThe Adventure TabFall To Pieces TabFall To Pieces ChordsZombie TabZombie ChordsWherever You Will Go TabWherever You Will Go ChordsYellow TabYellow ChordsBleed It Out TabBleed It Out ChordsRollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) TabCalifornication TabCalifornication ChordsBreakfast At Tiffany's TabBreakfast At Tiffany's ChordsLonely Day TabLonely Day ChordsNever Too Late TabNever Too Late ChordsLast Kiss TabLast Kiss ChordsSleep Now In The Fire TabMy Name Is Jonas TabMy Name Is Jonas ChordsTribute TabTribute ChordsBombtrack TabAll Mixed Up TabAnimal I Have Become TabAnimal I Have Become ChordsI Might Be Wrong TabStill Waiting TabStill Waiting ChordsAlive TabAlive ChordsMy Generation TabMy Generation ChordsThe Hardest Button To Button TabThe Hardest Button To Button ChordsThe Truth TabGirl, You Have No Faith In Medicine TabHoliday TabHoliday ChordsFaint TabFaint ChordsCome Out And Play TabBad Habit TabExtraordinary Girl TabExtraordinary Girl ChordsSubterranean Homesick Alien TabSubterranean Homesick Alien ChordsBehind The Mask TabThe Scientist TabThe Scientist ChordsStockholm Syndrome TabStockholm Syndrome ChordsReach For The Sky TabReach For The Sky ChordsDernière Danse (Acoustic) TabComment Te Dire TabContact TabContact ChordsLe Chemin TabLe Chemin ChordsJe Saigne Encore TabJe Saigne Encore ChordsPain For Pleasure TabPain For Pleasure ChordsCity Hall TabCity Hall ChordsExplosivo TabExplosivo ChordsMaster Exploder TabMaster Exploder ChordsWonderboy TabWonderboy ChordsGotta Get Away TabGotta Get Away ChordsWhen You Were Young TabWhen You Were Young ChordsParallel Universe TabParallel Universe ChordsI Miss You TabI Miss You ChordsStellar (Acoustic) TabSpecial Needs TabSpecial Needs ChordsMy Own Summer (Shove It) TabBored TabBack to School TabMr. Brightside TabMr. Brightside ChordsLife Of A Salesman TabLife Of A Salesman ChordsHeadup TabDays Before You Came TabMy Life TabThis Time TabThe Road I'm On TabThe Road I'm On ChordsHomebrew TabWasteland TabWasteland ChordsCan't Fade Me TabDon't Stay Home TabDon't Stay Home ChordsBroken TabKryptonite TabKryptonite ChordsFeel So Good TabCrash TabBeautiful Disaster TabBeautiful Disaster ChordsBy My Side TabBy My Side ChordsThe Way I Feel TabThe Way I Feel ChordsAway From The Sun TabAway From The Sun ChordsYou Wouldn't Believe TabCome Original TabHalf Life TabPrisoner TabLet Me Go TabLet Me Go ChordsLoser TabLoser ChordsSarah Yellin TabLove Song TabLove Song ChordsChanges TabChanges ChordsDuck And Run TabBe Like That TabBe Like That ChordsLife's Not A Race TabThe Mission TabLeft Hand Charity TabWhen I'm Gone TabWhen I'm Gone ChordsTicket to Heaven TabTicket to Heaven ChordsCreatures (For A While) TabFreeze Time TabRunning Out Of Days TabKnow Your Enemy TabWhat's Up TabWhat's Up ChordsAsthenia TabAsthenia ChordsCarousel (Cheshire Cat Version) TabThank You For The Venom TabThank You For The Venom ChordsThe Leaving Song TabThe Leaving Song ChordsThe Way You Like It TabThe Way You Like It ChordsThe Great Disappointment TabBleed Black TabJaked On Green Beers TabJaked On Green Beers ChordsMovies TabMovies ChordsEver And A Day TabSummer TabBetrayed Me TabLasciami Leccare L'adrenalina. TabDown To My Last TabDown To My Last ChordsDentro Marilyn TabPassive TabPassive ChordsImagine TabImagine ChordsOpen Your Eyes TabOpen Your Eyes ChordsPet TabWeak And Powerless TabWeak And Powerless ChordsMagdalena TabCrimes TabJudith TabNot 'cause Of Me TabCourage TabMale Di Miele TabMale Di Miele ChordsIn Loving Memory TabIn Loving Memory ChordsLullaby TabAttitude TabFind The Real TabFind The Real ChordsVanishing TabVanishing ChordsUnstable TabGirls Not Grey Tab1000 Days TabThe Art Of Losing TabWatch Your Words TabThis Celluloid Dream TabGravity TabGravity ChordsBroken Wings TabBroken Wings ChordsGiving In TabThe Noose TabThe Noose ChordsWhen The Levee Breaks TabA Stranger TabA Stranger ChordsThinking Of You TabSorry TabFreedom Of Choice TabUnderworld TabUnderworld ChordsRadio TabRadio ChordsOne Day Remains TabLooking Outside Inside TabBlue TabBlue ChordsSupersonic Me TabFuck You Aurora TabFuck You Aurora ChordsHead Like A Hole TabThomas TabThe Package TabTime To Waste TabTime To Waste ChordsWe've Had Enough TabWe've Had Enough ChordsStranded TabFake It TabFake It ChordsLet It Die TabPretty Noose TabMy Iron Lung TabMy Iron Lung ChordsPlug In Baby TabPlug In Baby ChordsThirty-Three TabThirty-Three ChordsNumb TabNumb ChordsYou Only Live Once TabYou Only Live Once ChordsUno TabUno ChordsWant You Bad TabWant You Bad ChordsMissed The Boat TabMissed The Boat ChordsThe End Has No End TabThe End Has No End ChordsBasket Case TabBasket Case ChordsAllergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth) TabAllergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth) ChordsYesterday To Tomorrow TabYesterday To Tomorrow ChordsSociety's Sequence TabWanderer's Guild TabLose Control TabClones TabAwkward Last Words TabJe Veux Nager TabNo Me Arrepiento De Este Amor TabTaste You TabSeven Nation Army TabEvil Eye TabShow Me How To Live TabGoldfinger TabGoldfinger ChordsThe Last Remaining Light TabThe Last Remaining Light ChordsBring Em Back Alive TabIn Memoriam TabHypnotize TabOrpheus TabOrpheus ChordsRebellion (Lies) TabRebellion (Lies) ChordsWalking Barefoot TabShadow On The Sun TabShadow On The Sun ChordsNeighborhood 2 (Laika) TabNeighborhood 2 (Laika) ChordsBurn Baby Burn TabBurn Baby Burn ChordsTechno Ted TabHey Kid TabRenegade Cavalcade TabSuper Rad TabAll Warm TabVampire Love TabLike A Stone TabOut Of Exile TabEverything TabEverything ChordsBe Yourself TabThe Worm TabLight My Way TabPlaydough TabN.G.S. TabThere's A Star TabThere's A Star ChordsDream to Make Believe TabDream to Make Believe ChordsSometimes TabSometimes Chords#1 Zero TabGetaway Car TabGetaway Car ChordsCochise TabWhat You Are TabYour Time Has Come TabKung Fu TabKung Fu ChordsСтереолюбовь TabI Am The Highway TabI Am The Highway ChordsShining Light TabShining Light ChordsThe Curse TabSeize The Day TabSeize The Day ChordsAsk For Answers TabA Walk TabA Walk ChordsThe Clash TabPayback TabAll There Is TabAll There Is ChordsBrand New Hate TabSmooth Criminal TabSmooth Criminal ChordsFine Again TabFine Again ChordsBroken TabBroken ChordsWhat Would You Say TabWhat Would You Say ChordsAnts Marching TabAnts Marching ChordsToo Late TabLove Burns TabLove Burns ChordsJoy.Discovery.Invention TabThe Go Slow TabFriend TabSummer TabQuestions And Answers TabBumble Bee (Crash Landing) TabStop TabBig Attack TabBig Attack ChordsLearn To Crawl TabBodies In Flight TabMirrored TabKings Of Metal TabGravity TabCargo De Nuit TabSoothe Me TabSoothe Me ChordsSpread Your Love TabFragen TabPiece Of My Heart TabUnminded TabHello Joe TabEvon TabСкользкие Улицы Tab2 Войны TabFirst Day Of My Life TabFirst Day Of My Life ChordsGood To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die TabAll Of This TabAll Of This ChordsCompliments TabSkinned TabMe vs. Maradona vs. Elvis TabMe vs. Maradona vs. Elvis ChordsBomb TabThe Rock Show TabThe Rock Show ChordsI Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks TabI Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks ChordsGuernica TabYour Only Friends Are Make Believe TabYour Only Friends Are Make Believe ChordsWalk TabWalk ChordsI Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light TabI Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light ChordsEnjoy The Silence TabWater TabSi TabSi ChordsPennsylvania TabPennsylvania ChordsPerception Twin TabGood Song TabGood Song ChordsMind Dependency TabSooner Or Later TabSooner Or Later ChordsTautou TabEnd Of A Century TabEnd Of A Century ChordsSugarcoat TabNot Now TabNot Now ChordsGrace TabGrace ChordsShallow Bay TabSweet Song TabSweet Song ChordsDear Ol' Dad TabDear Ol' Dad ChordsDrive TabDrive ChordsSkin TabMetal Man TabYou Know Who's Seatbelt TabThe Fallen Interlude TabThe Fallen Interlude ChordsThicker TabNo Rain TabNo Rain ChordsPitiful TabHelicopter TabHelicopter ChordsOkay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't TabOkay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't ChordsFeeling This TabFeeling This ChordsMedicate TabMedicate ChordsObvious TabObvious ChordsDream Brother TabDream Brother ChordsBenkei TabThis Is A Low TabThis Is A Low ChordsEternal Life TabEternal Life ChordsGo TabGo ChordsEasy Target TabEasy Target ChordsLetting The Cables Sleep TabLetting The Cables Sleep ChordsPeople That We Love TabPeople That We Love ChordsHaven't You Heard TabUnconditional TabUnconditional ChordsTurning Inward TabThis Modern Love TabThis Modern Love ChordsOily Water TabForever TabForever ChordsSudden Death In Carolina TabNew Life TabDemon John TabCome Down TabJaws Theme Swimming TabToes Across The Floor TabLittle Things TabSeed To A Tree TabSeed To A Tree ChordsLogan To Government Center TabSong 2 (Live) TabHere's Your Letter TabHere's Your Letter ChordsAn Honest Mistake TabBreakdown TabMachinehead TabMachinehead ChordsMother Mother TabMother Mother ChordsEverytime I Look For You TabEverytime I Look For You ChordsThe Ballad Of Chasey Lain TabThe Ballad Of Chasey Lain ChordsThe Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows TabCannonball TabI'm A Cloud TabCarobni Akord TabFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo TabFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo ChordsSoak The Sin TabSoak The Sin ChordsSong 2 TabSong 2 ChordsSweet And Low TabFirefly TabFirefly ChordsBulldog TabSo Cold TabA Place For My Head TabA Place For My Head ChordsWith You TabMoses TabMoses ChordsSuddenly Tragic TabMia TabNo One TabThe Clincher TabI Bloom Blaum TabI Bloom Blaum ChordsLugar Ao Sol TabSo Far Away TabSo Far Away ChordsTaking Off TabTaking Off ChordsOcalenie TabStupid Girl TabThe End Of The World TabThe End Of The World ChordsTripled Manic State TabWhat If TabFrank Sinatra TabFrank Sinatra ChordsIn Your House TabRevolving Door TabRemedy TabApart TabThe Other Side Of The End Of The Universe TabTesting TabOde TabJoey TabJoey ChordsRetrovisor TabPromises TabPromises ChordsHem Of Your Garment TabAre You Ready TabSee You Soon TabSee You Soon ChordsWhat If TabWhat If ChordsYou TabNever There TabButterfly TabButterfly ChordsButelki Z Benzyną I Kamienie TabDon't Stop Dancing TabDon't Stop Dancing ChordsPlastic Plan TabA Murder Of One TabA Murder Of One ChordsAnimal Instinct TabAnimal Instinct ChordsMedzi Vlkmi TabSister TabWeathered TabRio Bravo TabO Truque Do Ovo TabNever Die TabHeaven's Already Here (Acoustic) TabSpeed Of Sound TabSpeed Of Sound ChordsSierpien TabThe Red TabThe Red ChordsNeverender TabSto Tysiecy Jednakowych Miast TabAlways And Never TabBattle Cry TabColors TabJerk It Out TabJerk It Out ChordsSun Shower TabSun Shower ChordsBlind Pilots TabBlind Pilots ChordsGrab Thy Hand TabSniped TabFlesh Into Gear TabThe Willing Well IV: The Final Cut TabAttached At The Hip TabDead By Dawn TabDrowning TabMy Speedy Sarah TabHow Beautiful You Are TabHow Beautiful You Are ChordsCaught In The Sun TabNever Enough TabPolitik TabPolitik ChordsA Message TabA Message ChordsKill The Music Industry TabParty Boy Tab