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Snow (Hey Oh) TabSnow (Hey Oh) ChordsWhen You Were Young TabWhen You Were Young ChordsBreaking Their Hold TabHalf Life TabThese Boots Are Made For Walking TabSister Golden Hair TabSister Golden Hair ChordsRag Doll TabComa America TabNever Get Caught TabSince U Been Gone TabSociety's Sequence TabShades Of Truth TabThe Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking TabGenerator TabGenerator ChordsTo Another Abyss TabTo Another Abyss ChordsLatch Key Kids TabLatch Key Kids ChordsBorn To Run TabRise Above TabRapture TabSay It Isn't So TabSay It Isn't So ChordsDead Man Walking TabEnjoy The Silence TabI'll Sleep When I'm Dead TabI'll Sleep When I'm Dead ChordsAlways Run To You TabStory Of A Lonely Guy TabStory Of A Lonely Guy ChordsWhy Aren't You Dead TabWhy Aren't You Dead ChordsHere Comes That Feeling TabGirl Next Door TabGirl Next Door ChordsOh Baby Babe TabFamiliar Realm TabEagles Become Vultures TabDressed In Decay TabWhat's Your Number TabStriped, Raped, & Strangled TabSniped TabUp The Punk TabAll Power To Slaves TabBehind The Screams TabMiss Independent TabLoading The Weapon TabMarching To The Killing Rhythm TabCrystal Mountain (Live) TabThe River's Too Wide TabIndividual Thought Patterns TabNothing Is Everything TabAltering The Future Tab8 Miles TabBleed TabPretty Maids All In A Row (Live) TabPretty Maids All In A Row (Live) ChordsJust Another Day TabMy Immortal (Acoustic) TabMy Immortal (Acoustic) ChordsSing For The Moment (Solo) TabLose Yourself (Intro) TabRemain TabRazor TabThere Was A Time TabThere Was A Time ChordsSomeone's TabSomeone's ChordsLucky Star TabLucky Star ChordsGone Forever TabThe Crystal Lake TabThe Crystal Lake ChordsPrelude No 3 Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso TabLord Seth TabNever There TabSame Direction TabSame Direction ChordsAfflicted Past TabJohnny B TabJohnny B ChordsLeech TabLeech ChordsMade For TV Movie TabEs Tan Bello TabRobert Johnson TabVeteran (Ego) TabGhost Of Freedom TabX-Static Process TabX-Static Process ChordsLove Profusion TabLove Profusion ChordsBeverly Hills TabArt Of Chris Broderick TabSalt Sweat Sugar TabPineapple Rag TabRise Inside TabIn The Unblind TabVide Infra TabJust Barely Breathing TabAcross The Highlands TabPoint Of Know Return TabSong For America TabLife To Lifeless TabWithout A Name TabJenny Was A Friend Of Mine TabJenny Was A Friend Of Mine ChordsStillness Of Heart TabStillness Of Heart ChordsFloyd the Barber TabFloyd the Barber ChordsRun To The Water TabRun To The Water ChordsThe Needle and the Spoon TabThe Needle and the Spoon ChordsSlow Down TabSlow Down ChordsLast Hour Of The Last Day Of Work TabOn A Plain TabOn A Plain ChordsAngry TabShining TabOne (S&M) TabWhat's That Smell TabBlack & White People TabDig Up Her Bones (Live) TabHeaving Earth TabWalk Among Us TabWalk Among Us ChordsDisconnect TabAll I Need TabAll I Need ChordsPapa Don't Preach TabPapa Don't Preach ChordsAll Within My Hands TabDon't Open 'till Doomsday TabLong Days Long Nights TabLong Days Long Nights ChordsDrawing Board TabDrawing Board ChordsSerenade TabCrown Of Worms TabShout At The Devil TabDesert Song TabVery Ape TabWherever You Will Go (With Capo) TabWhere Is My Mind TabA Dream Of Apocalypse TabOrdinary Child Raping TabThe Malachi Crunch TabThe Malachi Crunch ChordsDeath Rapes Us All TabOver The Head, Below The Knees TabOver The Head, Below The Knees ChordsAddicted To Killing TabEscape Into The Dark Forest TabFreedumb TabMelancholy Of A Moon Creature TabThe Blessed Dead TabLife Is A Bullet TabWe Dance TabWe Dance ChordsPanic TabWho's On Your Side TabCan't Believe It TabMilk Cow Blues TabRolling Sly Stone TabStump Water TabDo You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio TabDo You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio ChordsBaby I Love You TabBaby I Love You ChordsTiny Dancer TabThe Art Of Losing TabBad Day TabBad Day ChordsWarm Tape TabWarm Tape ChordsSummers's Rain TabGod Send Death TabNew Faith TabOcean TabAvalon TabLiberate TabBottom Of A Bottle TabSomething Stupid TabSomething Stupid ChordsSevered Savior TabTristessa TabPremonition TabHuman Touch TabBorn In The U.S.A. TabUnder The Knife TabLacuna TabGod And Country TabWhen All Is Said And Done TabAscendancy TabVoices Carry TabVoices Carry ChordsSanity Drained TabParasites TabI'll Wait TabMighty Garrs Of The Mountains TabThe Big Welcome TabManifest TabDave's Party Piece TabVeni, Vidi, Vici TabHail Of The Mountain King TabPowers Of The Pentagram TabEverybody Wants Some TabNailed Deciple TabBurning Bridges TabGirl For Tonight TabHotel Room TabUntil I Met You TabPoint Of View TabPoint Of View ChordsStones In My Passway TabCount To Six And Die TabKing Kill 33 TabWas It A Dream TabCommando TabCommando ChordsI Don't Care TabLightning Rod TabLonely Is The Night (Intro) TabLonely Is The Night (Intro) ChordsTake Me Back TabTake A Bow TabPlace Position TabDenial, Revisited TabDenial, Revisited ChordsHailies Song TabHailies Song ChordsI Think My Dads Gone Crazy TabOne Shot Two Shot TabWeatherman (Acoustic) TabMidnight Show TabMidnight Show ChordsHollywood Whore TabHollywood Whore ChordsRadio Friendly Unit Shifter TabFace Fisted TabInto The Mouth Of Hell We March TabCircles TabHorseshoes And Handgrenades TabHorseshoes And Handgrenades ChordsAmerican Psycho TabAmerican Psycho ChordsSharpshooter TabLuv Lies TabI Live In Connecticut TabJanie's Got A Gun TabJanie's Got A Gun ChordsSacrifice Theory TabDon't Let Up TabDon't Let Up ChordsI Don't Even Know Your Name TabI Don't Even Know Your Name ChordsHoliday TabTighter Tighter TabEmpty Inside TabVicious Betrayal TabRacecars TabRacecars ChordsNever Meant TabLeave Me Alone TabEfilnikufesin TabRotten Future TabThe School Of Assassins TabYou'd Do The Same TabShe's My Little Go Go Dancer TabS.O.S TabS.O.S ChordsFind Your Way TabIndividual TabIt Must Look Pretty Appealing TabAtomic Garden TabAtomic Garden ChordsWalk Away TabQuickening TabAutomatic Man TabCanceled Check TabJackass TabLazy Flies TabLazy Flies ChordsCold Brains TabCold Brains ChordsNobody Owns Me TabChelsea TabDave Goes To Hollywood TabThe Country Song TabSunspot Baby TabDream Lover TabDream Lover ChordsOne Wild Night TabOne Wild Night ChordsCaptain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars TabCaptain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars ChordsLadybug TabDancing In The Dark TabBig Brother TabSoldiers TabA Skull Full Of Maggots TabLynched TabReturn To The Flesh TabEternal Descent TabFor The Punx TabDenigration Make Jon Doe Angry TabReflections TabRun Like Hell TabRelief TabHang Me Up To Dry TabWe Used To Vacation TabWe Used To Vacation ChordsWhiskey Lullaby TabWhiskey Lullaby ChordsLaffy Taffy TabBig Indian TabBig Indian ChordsVictor's Piano TabEdward Scissorhands - Ice Dance TabEdouard Aux Mains D'argent TabTranquil TabBroken Wings TabIt's Not Over TabHome TabCornbread TabFart Song TabToo Drunk To Fuck TabToo Drunk To Fuck ChordsPull My Strings TabPull My Strings ChordsI Kill Children TabDeath Medley TabBeyond The Unholy Grave TabIn Human Form TabWithin The Mind TabOut Of Touch TabWhen Satan Rules His World TabMonster TabSilent Carnage TabCrystal Ship TabCrystal Ship ChordsDown We Fall TabDown We Fall ChordsBorn In Sodom TabAutumn Effect TabInvisible TabOther Side TabGfc TabDry Grass And Shadows TabSafe Tonight TabSeein' Red TabSeein' Red ChordsWe've Got It Going On TabScrutiny TabScrutiny ChordsSubmission Complete TabCome Join Us TabCome Join Us Chords52 Seconds TabNew Dark Ages TabNew Dark Ages ChordsLost Pilgrim TabLost Pilgrim ChordsFields Of Mars TabFaith Alone TabFaith Alone ChordsIslands On The Coast TabTurns Cold To The Touch TabLost Highway TabKill The Hippies TabKill The Hippies Chords25 Years Too Late TabBored And Glued TabPoison The Machine TabStand As One TabTrue Colors TabIn Search Of TabUnited Races TabParasite TabTime To Try TabSecond Chance TabHome TabHome ChordsThe Way You Lived TabI've Seen Enough TabI've Seen Enough ChordsBloodline TabOvum TabWhite Gold TabHidden TabParty TabTired Of Being Alive TabFeels Like Tonight TabA Child And His Lawnmower TabBack From The Dead TabTorn To Pieces TabMutilation TabLord Of Hate TabI'm Not A Loser TabRise And Oppose TabGee Baby Ain't I Good To You TabNot That Simple TabJennifer Lost The War TabLosing Touch TabLosing Touch ChordsDon't Speak TabWait For You TabWait For You ChordsNo Donnie These Men Are Nihilists TabKids Aren't Alright TabBrain Dead TabNow Your Dead TabTradition TabStill TabStill ChordsDoa TabDoa ChordsCome Alive TabCome Alive ChordsWhat If I Do TabWhat If I Do ChordsI've Got TabMy Favorite Things TabForming TabFeel The Silence TabFeel The Silence ChordsHate This Place TabFoul Parody Of The Lords Supper TabSummer Here Kids TabLaughing Stock TabNow It's On TabBody Language TabAsshole TabMost Truth TabHeathens Song TabWeird TabWeird ChordsWhat Dreams A Made Of TabJust One Tab1776 TabMystical End TabFraming Armageddon TabWhen The Night Falls TabSpinal Digestion TabCatacombs TabHalls Of The Damned TabBlood Shield TabUnder My Umbrella TabParty Boy TabCold Sweat TabMr Curiosity TabMr Curiosity ChordsJerrys Breakdown TabStruttin TabLa Madrugada TabBe Sensible TabBig Casino TabBig Casino ChordsBanana Mango Ii TabThe Afterglow TabWell I've Been TabPirate Love TabHold On TabHold On ChordsAnother Fix TabCircle Of Death TabThe Haunting TabBehind These Hazel Eyes TabBehind These Hazel Eyes ChordsDon't Waste Your Time TabDon't Waste Your Time ChordsBreakaway TabBreakaway ChordsA Moment Like This TabExitlude TabExitlude ChordsMy List TabMy List ChordsThis River Is Wild TabThis River Is Wild ChordsUncle Johnny TabUncle Johnny ChordsFor You TabTemple From The Within TabMy Life For Yours TabThe World Is Full Of Violence TabEaten Up Inside TabStatus Pools TabStatus Pools ChordsEverything To Nothing TabBroken Hands TabI Am Going To Kill The President Of The United States Of America TabPete Jackson Is Getting Married TabYou Belong To Me TabYou Belong To Me ChordsLet It Rock TabBeautiful Life TabBeautiful Life ChordsCrazy TabConstant Sorrows TabMake This Mistake TabNeedle And The Spoon TabWhat's Your Name TabWolves TabThe One You Really Love TabThe One You Really Love ChordsHail To England TabArmy Of The Immortals TabMountains TabNo More Mr Nice Guy TabMoto Psycho TabCarpe Diem Baby TabThis Is Why I Rock TabDeath Destruction TabDisturbed TabThis Is Goodbye TabYou Will See TabKnights Of The Round Table TabGoing Home TabWe're Brothers Forever TabDewi TabHope Behind Cellar Doors Live TabOpen Heart TabMacrocosmic Void TabBegotten Of The Dead TabThe Birth Of Tragedy TabLie Captive TabDr Phibes Rises Again TabThe Kids Dont Stand A Chance TabThe Kids Dont Stand A Chance ChordsPaper Thin Walls TabValleri TabValleri ChordsThe Great Houdini TabThe Great Houdini ChordsSincerely Me TabIthyphallic TabPapyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve It's Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water TabPushed Aside TabMonosyllabic Girl TabDark World Burden TabRiver Flows In You TabThe End TabAgony TabBeheaded TabBeheaded ChordsRaise Hell TabWedding Song There Is Love TabCompetition Song TabCheckin Levels TabRock The Party TabSatans Curse TabDateless Losers TabFailure To Excommunicate TabFailure To Excommunicate ChordsMan-Sized Wreath TabMan-Sized Wreath ChordsBig In Japan TabTnt TabWhat's Up TabHighway To Hell TabIt's My Life TabRemains Of Summer Memories TabThe Strength To Go On TabThe Strength To Go On ChordsDo Miss America TabTake It All Away TabTake It All Away ChordsBehind Closed Doors TabKeep Secrets TabNew York City Don't Mean Nothin Tab24 Hours Ago TabDesire TabTauting Cobras TabAn Angel Came Down TabHeliotrope Bouquet TabSilver Swan TabThe Easy Winner TabSecond War In Heaven TabStranger By The Day TabStranger By The Day ChordsGhostship - Vi Enchantment TabDon't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets TabGood Lookin Out TabAin't Coming Home TabAin't Coming Home ChordsMy Hatred TabTug Of War Intestines TabSpinward Marches TabThe Return Of Dr Universe TabSweet Sweet TabSweet Sweet ChordsLove TabLove ChordsBang Bang TabHow About You TabHow About You ChordsBeautiful Dreamer TabBeautiful Dreamer ChordsWe Amplifyblaze TabGrand Illusion TabGrand Illusion ChordsDark Fields For Brillance TabTell It To My Heart TabIn The Basement TabIn The Basement ChordsPick Of Destiny TabPick Of Destiny ChordsJun-Jun TabGo TabGo ChordsGreen Gloves TabGreen Gloves Chords